5 Simple ways to increase your property’s value

by Charlie on 26-04-2016 Kitchen
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5 Simple ways to increase your property’s value

Are you thinking of selling your home, whether straightaway or some time in the near future? These days, homeowners are wising up to the fact that they don’t have to spend a lot of money on completely remodelling their home in order to add value for selling (or renting out) purposes.

Getting a few simple tasks done and doing some redecorating can go a long way towards helping to make your house not only look good and stand out amongst your competitors, but also enable you to enjoy the rewards of your hard work until it is time to sell.

1. Refresh the look of your kitchen

Real estate agents will tell you that the most sought after room in the house, when it comes to prospective buyers, is the kitchen. So take a look at updating yours, which doesn’t mean having to rip out all the fixtures and fittings and installing a brand new kitchen if you don’t have the budget to do this.

If your cupboards and storage spaces are in good condition, consider repainting the doors and cabinets to give a lighter, brighter and cleaner feel to the space. Change the door handles to match your new design or to complement your kitchen accessories, and paint walls and ceilings in lighter tones to reflect light back into the room, making it seem bigger and a lot more spacious.

2. Keep your decorations neutral

A prospective buyer has to envisage his or her furniture and accessories in the home they are intending to buy. Vibrant, clashing and bright colours may suit you, but it could put off those who are intending to purchase your home, so stick to a neutral palette and use this throughout the house.

New buyers will note that they don’t have to do a lot of repainting, which is an expense for them, and you will be more likely to get the asking price for the property, which will include the value of a home that offers up a modern interior design scheme.

3. Breathe space and light into your home

Keep your decorating fairly simple and straightforward, remove any old or worn flooring, grimy walls, lighting fixtures and ceilings, and remove any clutter or junk. Look at your curtaining or blinds, and clean and replace as necessary. Most important of all, make sure you rub down and repaint those surfaces that are showing signs of damage. Using white or lighter colours, as well as gloss or eggshell paints that reflect light back into the room, will make the space seem bigger and cleaner.

4. Repair any cracks or chipped painted surfaces

In those areas of the house where there is a lot of traffic, such as halls, family rooms, staircases and bathrooms, make sure you go around repairing any holes, cracks or chips. Sand down wooden flooring and repaint or restain, rub down paint work and use filler to repair damage to walls, and give it all a fresh coat of paint. A house that is seen to be well cared for is one that buyers will be interested in, and this will give you added value on the property.

5. Finally, don’t neglect the outside

Remember your “kerb appeal”, and don’t forget to see to the outside of the property. This will include repainting doors, window frames and outside walls if they are painted or stained, as well as painting fences, garage doors and sheds.

These five simple ways won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and it will make your home look a lot better than some of your competitors in the housing market, so why not get busy? If you’re really serious about selling, then you need to think about adding key value to your property today.

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