A Cool Idea to Heat a Room

by Charlie on 22-07-2015 Heating
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A Cool Idea to Heat a Room

So who isn't bunkering down and fighting off the chills of winter? If you don’t have a fire place but love the ambiance of an open fire then have you ever considered a Bio Ethanol fueled fireplace?

There are a number of different versions of wall mounted fire places or models that can be recessed into a wall cavity. There are no chimneys or flues but you will need an experience tradesman to install either of these models. There are even smaller table top options that allow you to move it around from room to room or outdoors and you can even take it with you when you move house. Perfect for a renter.

Bio ethanol is a carbon neutral liquid fuel which is clean burning so no embers, smoke or ash to contend with and no wood chopping, just a blue/yellow flame creating warmth and ambiance. Obviously it must be handled with care. Don’t add the fuel while it’s burning, keep children and pets away and don’t touch or try to move it while burning. All that said do your research because there are many different styles and sizes and what a stylish addition to your home it will be.


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