Change the Way You Shower

by Charlie on 14-09-2015
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Change the Way You Shower

It will change your showering experience for the better while saving you money on water as well as energy to heat the water. That’s got to be a win win for us and the environment. 

The people at Nebia have spent 5 years researching and creating dozens of prototypes tested by some 500 people until they perfected this amazing shower head. While reducing your water usage by 70%, it’s revolutionary design produces a fine mist that actually breaks the water into millions of droplets with a surface area 10 times that of normal shower water droplets. Therefore you use less water but still get just as wet.

You can install the Nebia shower head yourself so no need for a plumber. It will rotate at a 45 degree angle, has adjustable height settings and a wand that can be hand held. Nebia has recently launched on Kickstarter and has generated a whole lot of interest.

So if you're if you're planning a bathroom renovation, search the HomeImprovement2day directory.


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