It’s Spring Clean Time

by Charlie on 26-08-2015 Cleaning
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It’s Spring Clean Time

Well as Spring is around the corner now is the time to embark on some Spring cleaning before Summer has arrived in full force and it’s too hot!

Start by making a list. One list for the jobs that need doing outside and one for inside your home. Once you have completed compiling the list you may find the whole prospect a bit daunting or you could be up for the challenge, depending on how long your list is. Here are some things that are sure to be on most lists.


. Trim and prune the plants, bushes and hedges. Weed all the garden beds and fertilise. Plant some pretty flowering plants to add some colour to your garden

. Clean your gardens paths, terraces and decking of moss and slime that may have built up over winter

. Clean your eaves and gutters

. Clean your windows and glass pool fencing

. Wash down the exterior of the house or hire a professional

. Clean your BBQ and check the gas bottle to be ready for summer


. Wash your curtains or have your blinds cleaned

. Wash or dry clean your quilts, duvets, bed spreads, blankets, cushion covers and throws

. Clean out your pantry, checking the use by dates and throwing away anything that has expired

. Clean out your fridge

. Clean your oven

. Clean the carpets

. Clean the windows

. Clean and dust light fittings and ceiling fans

. Clean the filters of the air conditioner or heaters

These are merely some of the obvious things to do. Your list may be more detailed or less detailed if you keep on top of things. You could divide your lists into the jobs you are willing to do yourself and the ones you could get a professional in to do. If your budget is tight prioritize the jobs that most need attention. You may already have a regular gardener or cleaner. You may have your gutters cleaned regularly or your windows cleaned a couple of times each year. If you don’t, why not treat yourself to a gardener to trim, tidy, hedge and prune for you. Or a cleaner inside just once to get you motivated again. If you have neglected your oven and cooktop, get a professional to clean it, you will be amazed at how brand new it will look. You could even have the BBQ done at the same time.

All of these jobs both inside and out are do-able by you, but you will be able to find a professional for just about any job around the home whether it’s big or small. It’s up to you and your budget. Start soon and tick them off as you go and by summer you will be able to relax and enjoy the warmth and sunshine without any major projects to do around the home.


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