Lasting Impressions. An On Line Exterior Colour Consultancy

by Charlie on 19-02-2015
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Lasting Impressions. An On Line Exterior Colour Consultancy

In a quandary about what colours to choose for the exterior of your home? Well Colorbond have a fantastic Online Visualiser to assist you. It’s like having your own personal colour consultant but you can operate the software at your leisure and it’s free.

Current trends in new builds and renovations are a mixture of exterior surfaces. We are seeing more and more combinations of finishes such as timber, render, Colorbond and brick and the use of colour to highlight some of these finishes. When using more than one colour for your home’s exterior you need to carefully consider the colour palette that will best suit the environment of your home, the surface, its size and the amount of sunlight or shade on the building.

This is where Colorbond Online Visualiser comes in handy. Once on the site you can choose from four house styles. Then there are 5 different designs within the chosen category. Choose one and you will be asked if your home is within one kilometer of marine influences, this is taken into account and then the fun begins. You can play around with the colour palette changing the colour combinations of roof, fascia, garage door, window frames, trims and walls including feature and light weight walls.

The Online Visualiser also has a category for Colorbond fencing and gutters. The system is very user friendly but there is a help button if you are not sure how to navigate the software. You can save your choice and revisit it any time. It’s a fun process and will help guide you and take the stress out of making these all important decisions. After all you want your home to make a good first impression.


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