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by Charlie on 15-07-2015 Wallpaper
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Wallpaper Wow

I’m a self-confessed wallpaper junkie. There is rarely an interior that I design that doesn’t end up with at least one wall covered in beautiful wallpaper. I love the drama, intrigue and depth that a stunning wallpaper instantly gives a room. The impact is unbeatable and often at a surprisingly affordable price.

The key to using wallpaper in a contemporary way is to exercise restraint. Look for walls that can naturally and easily become a feature, like niches or walls behind a bed or a desk. Wallpapering one feature wall and then painting adjoining walls in a complimentary colour is a great way of introducing pattern without it dominating the space.

Don’t be afraid of pushing the boundaries. Wallpaper can look amazing in small spaces like powder rooms, hallways and stairwells simply because it is unexpected and dramatic. Always be mindful of the scale of the pattern though as the eye must be able to read it easily without it becoming overwhelming.

Tips & Tricks

· Less is more – to avoid your home becoming a shrine to the 1970’s, try wallpapering just one wall in a room, particularly if the wallpaper is bold and patterned.

· Highlight existing architectural features – alcoves, niches and recesses are all perfect for wallpaper because the building detail frames and contains the area, creating the effect of a painting.

· Textured plains – if you want the look to be more understated and classic, opt for plain, textured wallpapers such as fabrics and grass weaves. These subtle options create layering and depth far more effectively than paint.

· Pattern repeat – always choose a design that suits the scale of the area in which it will be used. Highly patterned wallpapers can easily overwhelm a space if used incorrectly.

· Pay a professional – never, ever assume that hanging wallpaper is easy. Matching up patterns and achieving a seamless finish takes great skill. Always engage a professional hanger to do the job.


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