Work Space Workshop

by Charlie on 20-10-2015 Home Office
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Work Space Workshop

With so many of us now able to work from home, creating a functional work space has become a priority for many people.  Just because a home study needs to be practical doesn’t mean it has to be bland.  There are many ways you can turn your work area into a haven of creativity – here’s how:

1. Define the Boundaries

The first step is to clearly define where your work space will be. A separate room works wonders but few people have the luxury of devoting so much space, preferring to incorporate a work area in a lounge, spare bedroom or hallway. Multi-purpose rooms work best when the area assigned for working is as clutter-free as possible and blends in seamlessly with the rest of the décor.

2. Take a Seat

If your work space is tucked in a corner of another room try to avoid using a typical office chair as this will undoubtedly clash with the other components in the space. A designer classic such as the Eames Management Chair is a great choice for multi-purpose spaces as it provides elegance with good ergonomic features.

3. Hide & Seek

Regardless of where your work space is located in your home, always strive for concealed order. Try to avoid open shelves unless you invest in folders or storage boxes that hide the paperwork – TIP: try purchasing all the same colour to create uniformity. Store printers and other IT equipment in pull-out drawers or low shelves to keep your desk clear and always tie up cords at the back of your computer to avoid an unsightly spaghetti tangle.

4. Make it Personal

The best bit about having a home office is that you can make it as pretty as you like without interfering with company policy! Buy some bright desk accessories, hang a cheerful artwork, create a pin-board of inspiring quotes. Try to make the space as inviting and positive as possible and you will be amazed by your renewed desire to actually sit down at your desk and work.

5. Light it Up

A funky desk lamp is a must but make sure it also performs well. Good, functional task lighting helps tremendously when you are burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline.

6. Break the Rules

Remember that a work space in the home doesn’t necessarily need to look like a work space at all. Vintage dining tables, interesting chairs, pendant lighting and quirky storage trunks are all great ways of making your study feel inspired, inviting and completely unique.

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