Shower Screens

Bathrooms are an integral part of any new home build or renovation and an important aspect of any bathroom design is the type of shower screen to be installed. The amount of space and size of your budget will be things most likely to influence your choice.

There are three main options in the type of shower screens available.

Fully Framed: A fully framed shower screen has a frame usually of aluminium around each panel and the shower screen door. Fully framed shower screens are the most cost effective shower screen option.

Semi Frameless: Semi frameless shower screens have slim line frames around the top and bottom of the glass panels and the shower screen door is unframed. With a semi frameless shower screens you are able to achieve a modern contemporary look without the cost of fully frameless.

Fully frameless: A fully frameless shower screen has no frames around the glass panels or the shower screen door. The glass is held in place with stainless steel fittings. If your budget permits a fully frameless screen will give you the most clean modern look possible.

Bathroom renovation by Dream Bathrooms  Balcatta Perth fully framesless shower screen with a pivot door  

Depending on the style and size of your bathroom, the type of shower screen door required may influence which type of shower screen is most suitable.

Sliding Door: Attached to a fixed panel shower screen, the door slides to allow access, often used in small bathrooms where space is an issue.

Pivot door: Will open in and outwards and can either pivot from another glass panel or from a tiled wall, good choice if space permits. 

Fixed and swing door: Usually part of a fully framed shower screen or corner shower screen, only opens outwards.

No door: A fixed panel of glass is fixed to wall or used to create a walk in shower, consideration must be given to adequate drainage of shower and size of walk in shower to prevent overspray. Commonly used on shower baths in place of a shower curtain.

Bathroom renovation by Sahara Constructions Tuggeranong ACT fixed panel shower screen with no door  

Bathroom renovation by Smith and Sons Essendon Melbourne fixed panel shower screen 


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