The benefits of cladding

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In many parts of Australia cladding is having a resurgence in popularity. A smart way to update your home once and for all. Depending on the type of cladding you choose you, once installed it will last about 50 years and that’s a life time of no more painting or maintenance.

Vinyl cladding is a long lasting quality product that is very suited to the harsh Australian climate. It won’t peel, fade, crack or rot like timber does so you can achieve the look of timber without the cost of painting and maintenance, providing peace of mind. It can be installed over many existing building materials such as weatherboard, concrete and corrugated iron or to a series of intermediate battens. Vinyl cladding is UV retardant and will withstand the rigors of high winds and big storms. It comes in a wide range of colours and textures and will modernize any building. All it requires is a wash down with mild soap and water on average once a year but that may vary depending on where you live. Because Vinyl cladding is light weight and easy to install it is a very cost effective way to renovate your home.

Aluminium cladding has many of the benefits of vinyl cladding but with a more contemporary look. While steel will provide even more durability. Both aluminium and steel are very much on trend as an external building material and there are many architects, designers, builders and home owners who choose to combine them with other external products such as timber to create a unique and contemporary style.

Weatherboard if well maintained with regular painting will last and retain the beauty of a natural product. Its versatility makes it suitable for many styles of architecture, however it is not a good insulator and not ideal in bush fire prone areas. Stone cladding is another product on trend right now. It is a great alternative to the expense of constructing a solid stone wall. Stone cladding though not as cost effective as other cladding, is a very durable product and of course very suitable to bush fire prone areas. Your entire home could be clad in stone or it can be used to create feature walls. Things to consider when choosing cladding from an aesthetic point of view are the variety of colours and textures available in each product. The suitability for your local conditions and climate are important and the insulation properties of the cladding may require installation of additional insulation. If you're in Brisbane or surrounds and interested in Vinyl or Alumminum Cladding use our Home improvement directory to find a Cladding specialist near you.