Electrical technology for the laundry

Electrical technology for the laundry
The laundry is the working room of any home - in addition to washing, drying, and ironing, the laundry often doubles as a general storage area for linen, household items and even the kids’ sporting equipment!

It needs to be a functional space where you can work safely and comfortably, and modern electrical technology can help that happen without adding to power bills.

So, what are some of the available options that might interest you?

- As always, let’s start with safety. Ducted Exhaust Fans recess into the ceiling cavity and are designed to remove damp air from the room and aid in ventilation. Where there isn’t sufficient ceiling space (multi-story premises or flat roof homes) electrical suppliers have a range of window or wall mounted exhaust fans. - LED Down Lights are all about ambience and energy saving. LED lights give even lighting across the laundry and have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.

- Multi-power outlets give you greater options to use and store electrical appliances in the laundry area. Four-point outlets power the washing machine, dryer and an additional two appliances. They can be mounted high on the wall to power any re-charging appliances.

- Switch Plates with Pictograms – Here’s one for functionality! Laundry switch plates often have multiple switches, and you won’t need to worry about trying them all to find the right one, with easy to read icons making the right selection a breeze.  

- Towel Heating Racks – A modern luxury that’s normally found in the bathroom, the heating rack will warm towels that are hung in the laundry and help them dry out all year round.

- Indoor Motion Sensors.  Now, parents of teenagers will love this product! These sensors are very convenient and ideal for any room. They can be connected to the room lights ensuring the lights go out when you (or your teenagers) leave the room.

…and the list goes on!

This blog is designed to give you a glimpse of the latest technology for your laundry. For more information, please contact the expert contributor.

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