5 Types of Wall Lighting - How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

5 Types of Wall Lighting - How to Choose the Right One for Your Home
Combining both function and style, a wall light can be essential to the design of your indoor and outdoor areas. With a plethora of choices in style and with seemingly endless options available, we aim to help you select the very best lights for your space, whether it is task lighting for a bathroom or decorative lighting for a living area. Wall sconces come in a variety of styles, finishes and materials and each of these elements can be used to determine ambience, level of illumination as well as complement and enhance your décor. We have carefully curated our collection of luxury wall lights from the best international brands with all these factors in mind. To help you select the perfect wall light for your home, we’ve put together this guide on the five most popular types of wall lighting and their uses. Keep reading to discover which style is right for you.

Task Lighting

Designed to cast direct light, task lights are used where focused light is required in a specific area of your home – be it in your workspace or bedroom. Available in a wide range of styles, a dimmable capability and adjustable arm can be a useful consideration.

The Ficus Wall Light is inspired by the large and bright leaf of the Asian Ficus plant and is not only decorative but has the functionality to adjust outwards or upwards depending on your lighting needs. The black steel shade has a brass interior finish which creates a warming glow to the light.

Inspired by the great architectural domes, the Porta Wall Light is a contemporary styled lamp with a subtle sophistication. With a matte black fixture from which the elegant striped smoked glass dome hangs, this wall light adds an element of simple luxury to any space.

Bathroom Lighting

When selecting the perfect bathroom wall light, quality of the fixture and its ability withstand exposure to moisture is key. Bathroom wall lights ideally need to have an IP Rating of at least IP44 to ensure they are protected from the regular exposure to moisture that comes with regular bathroom use.

Our carefully curated collection of bathroom wall lights has been compiled with both function, quality, and design in mind. Functionally your bathroom lighting needs to illuminate effectively while decoratively they must complement your personal style.

Layer your bathroom wall lights with other forms of lighting such as ceiling lights and pendant lights to add depth to the space and use a combination of task and accent lighting with a variety of shapes, textures, and materials to complete your look.

The Blake Bathroom Wall Light is a classically designed and elegant fixture with an IP Rating of IP44. It not only withstands the moisture associated with bathroom use, but the brass, chrome or nickel fixture with delicate clear glass shade adds an element of understated refinement to your indoor setting.

A beautiful disc-shaped wall fixture with a turned brass bobbin and natural alabaster diffuser to exude a soft, ambient glow, the Bide Wall Light is available in two finishes and sizes and is suitable for wet areas with a high IP Rating of IP65.

Decorative Lighting

Using decorative lighting is your opportunity to establish your personality within your indoor and outdoor areas, whether your style is eclectic, minimal, or mid-century. Use decorative wall lights to create ambience without being distracted by function and form.

You will always have a friend to watch over you with the Umarell Wall Light. Based on the designer’s observations of an elderly gentleman, you can choose to have your figure sit, stand, or lean on the white ceramic structure from where the light emerges both top and bottom.

The stunning Spate Wall Light has a soft opal acid-etched stepped glass shade, satin brass metalwork and jewel-like white Carrara or Guatemala marble spheres – a clear nod to classic Art Deco styling.

Picture Lights

Specifically designed to light up artwork, photographs or other decorative items, picture wall lights provide an even and glare-free light source. Often available with a dimmer, the amount of light can be controlled to suit requirements.

PL1 Small Picture Light is part of a simple range of elegant iron picture lights manufactured by hand. With detailed back plate elements and wire bindings there are two sizes available and a finish to complement any style of décor.

The Alton Picture Wall Light collection is a transitionally styled product suitable for most types of décor. With a range of both traditional and modern finishes, this adjustable LED fitting also offers an ample light output that will bring the best out of your photographs and artworks.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Whether you are looking for a functional wall light for your outdoor porch or a decorative light for your garden sanctuary, outdoor wall lights can transform your entry, alfresco area, porch, or patio into an eye-catching outdoor feature. Available in a range of styles from contemporary to coastal and lantern, they provide essential illumination, especially when layered with other outdoor lighting such as pendant lights, ceiling lights and free-standing lamps.

As with bathroom lights, outdoor wall lights need to be approved for outdoor environments which means it needs to have an IP Rating of at least IP44 rated to ensure they are protected from moisture and the general wear and tear of the outdoor life.

The Contrada Wall Light belongs to the collection of lamps with a robust classic design. Made of copper and antique brass, the refined and high-quality materials give these products a substantial practicality and visual appeal.

Small but perfectly formed, the Agua Wall Light is reminiscent of a pure, clear dewdrop reflecting the light of the dawn after a calm night. Made from matte black aluminium with a transparent or frosted glass finish it adds a warm and welcoming glow to your outdoor space.

Wall lights are one of the most versatile ways to transform the lighting in your indoor and outdoor areas, combining functional illumination with your own decorative style.

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