Guide to Bathroom Lighting and IP Rating

Guide to Bathroom Lighting and IP Rating
Planning your bathroom lighting is an area that requires a little extra thought. Not only are you creating a practical yet relaxing space, but there is the additional consideration of bathroom zoning and IP Rating – something which would not have been necessary in other rooms in the home. We have put together a simple guide to bathroom lighting where we aim to help with both lighting selection and placement. The process of lighting your home should be enjoyable and stress free, resulting in a beautifully illuminated haven of relaxation for you and your family.

IP Rating

Starting with the technical details, safety is key when choosing your bathroom lighting. To identify whether a light is safe for your bathroom, all lights are given an IP Rating (Ingress Protection rating) which measures how resistant the light is to both water and dust particles. 

IP Ratings can be determined by reading the first and second digits following the initial ‘IP’. The first digit in IPXX is the protection rating against particles, while the second digit is its protection against water. The general rule being the higher the rating, the more protected the light is against water and dust.

Solids Rating:

0 - No protection.
1 - Protected against solid objects over 50mm diameter (hands).
2 - Protected against solid objects no bigger than 12.5mm in diameter (fingers).
3 - Protected against solid objects over 2.5mm in diameter (small tools).
4 - Protected against solid objects over 1mm in diameter (screws/wires).
5 - Dust protected. Ingress of dust will not interfere with operation of equipment.
6 - Complete dust protection. No ingress of dust.

Moisture Rating:

0 - No protection
1 - Protected against vertically falling water drops.
2 - Protected against vertically falling water drops at an angle of 15°.
3 - Protected against water spraying up to a 60° angle on either side.
4 - Protected against sprays of water from any angle.
5 - Protected against low pressure water jets from any angle.
6 - Protected against high pressure water jets from any angle.

7 - Protected against submersion in water for 30 minutes to a depth of 1m.
8 - Protected against continuous submersion in water to a depth of 3m.

Bathroom lighting should have a minimum IP Rating of IP44 which means a ‘4’ protection against particles larger than 1mm in size and a ‘4’ protection against water splashes. 

Bathroom Zoning

There are strict regulations in place regarding wet areas in Australia and these should be followed to ensure you are creating a safe environment. The three defined zones tell us which lighting can be used in which area, depending on the proximity to the water source.

Zone 0

This area has a minimum requirement of an IP Rating of IP67. It includes the following areas:

For baths - inside the bath.
For showers - shower walls, shower floor and inside the shower cubicle.
For showers over baths - shower walls, shower floor, inside the bath and below the shower head.

Zone 1

This area has a minimum requirement of bathroom lighting with an IP Rating IPx4 or above.

For baths - the vertical area from the edge of the bath, up to 2.5m above the floor.
For showers - from the top of the shower, up to 2.5m above the floor.

With a high IP Rating of IP65, the beautiful Brace Wall Light and Bide Wall Light make ideal additions to your Zone 1 wet areas. The unique veined geometric alabaster shades with brass detailing are designed to cast a warm wash of light across the wall and room while remaining robust enough to cope with everyday bathroom use.

Alternatively, Tunnel Round Wall Light is available in either a matte white or dark grey exterior painted aluminium cylinder. The option to have a colour foil finish within the frame in either gold, copper or silver brings an extra element to this contemporary style of bathroom lighting.

Zone 2

The minimum requirement in Zone 2 is for lights with an IP Rating IPx4 or, 12V lights, or lights recessed into ceiling.
For baths – 60cm outside the bath, up to 2.25m above the floor.
For showers – 60cm outside the shower, up to 2.25m above the floor.
For sinks – 60cm radius around the sink.

The ultimate vanity light with an IP Rating of IP44, the Orb Mirror Wall Light utilises its simple spherical design to provide a minimal silhouette, while the opal glass offers a soft diffused light. An ideal Zone 2 lighting solution, the Orb Collection is comprised of four wall light variations including the mirror light, short arm, long arm and three light options, offering a style to compliment any space and level of illumination.

For something a little more delicate, the Agua Wall Light is reminiscent of a dewdrop reflecting the dawn after a calm night. Available with a frosted or translucent glass finish it brings a subtle sophistication and touch of artistic flair to your interior space. With an IP Rating of IP44 it will sit happily in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 of a wet area.

Outside the Zones

There is no minimum requirement outside the specified zoned areas, but we would strongly recommend IP44+ rated lights for all bathroom lighting.

Lighting Selection     

Using a combination of ceiling, pendant and wall lights can bring depth to the room as each light performs its own function. It also gives you the option to incorporate different materials, shapes, and styles to suit your personal aesthetic. Ambient lighting such as ceiling lights and pendants cast light across the room and will set the mood and tone in the space. Task lighting in the form of wall and vanity lights are essential to ensure you have ample illumination for mirrors, vanity, and basin areas.

The Payne collection of bathroom lighting offers both ambient and task lighting in the form of a ceiling, pendant, and wall light. By layering lights from the same family, you maintain continuity of style throughout your room.

In conclusion, when armed with the zoning and IP Rating know-how, you can make an informed decision on how best to plan and light your bathroom. Our carefully curated collection of bathroom lighting has been compiled with both function, quality, and design in mind. Functionally your bathroom lighting needs to illuminate safely and effectively while decoratively it must complement your personal style. 

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