Top 5 Indoor Floor Lamps for Contemporary Interiors

Top 5 Indoor Floor Lamps for Contemporary Interiors
The addition of designer indoor floor lamps can transform your interior space both in terms of light and ambience. As the days grow shorter and the nights a little longer, now is perhaps the ideal time to consider bringing some extra illumination into your home. Whether your preference is to find a functional or decorative floor lamp, our collection of contemporary designer floor lamps consists of a range of styles, finishes and materials to complement any room.

Contemporary lighting style is open to interpretation on many levels but in its most basic form considers simple lines, innovative design, ‘of the moment’ style and lends itself to more modern and minimal interiors. Using high quality materials allows the design to become the hero and in terms of lighting can create a feature piece and focal point in your contemporary home.

Functional Floor Lamps

Contemporary designer floor lamps are a useful source of functional lighting and offer strong, direct light where required. The versatility of an indoor floor lamp allows you to move the light to different areas of your interior space for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Fixtures with a moveable arm mean you can direct light to exactly where it is needed, while lights with a shade can soften and neutralise glare and introduce a more subtle mood. Lights with a dimmable function allow you to control the level of illumination and ambience to suit your specific requirements at the time. Functional designer floor lamps are an ideal solution for reading areas, study nooks and bedroom lighting.

The Buddy Floor Lamp ticks every box when it comes to functional lighting. It not only features a flexible shade that can be directed towards spaces where light is needed, it is also equipped with a dimmer switch to adjust and dim the light. Function aside, the Buddy Floor Lamp is tall enough to add presence and slim enough to fit easily into your space without overpowering an area. Its smooth proportions, subdued colour choices and understated elegance fit seamlessly within the contemporary style brief.

The Stasis Floor Lamp is where bold lines meet soft curves - a functional floor lamp that makes a very strong statement. Expertly crafted from the highest quality materials, it has a solid, heavyweight brass base with bronze or copper insert. The angled brass rod arm with spherical brass counterweight and ball joint acts as the perfect balance between the base and polished copper or bronzed shade. Offering a directional light, Stasis Floor Lamp also features an adjustable arm and shade for extra versatility. 

Decorative Floor Lamps

When function is perhaps secondary to design, decorative indoor floor lamps allow you to add illumination that is heavily influenced by your personal aesthetic. A decorative floor lamp is a feature that should look wonderful whether the light is turned on or off – something to consider when floor lamps can be larger in size and have the potential to dominate an area of your room. Use your lamp to create a mood to reflect your décor and treat your floor lamp like a work of contemporary art.

Atom Floor Lamp is a light that we love. It incorporates a perfect sphere of white glass sitting atop a simple black or brass fixture and glows with minimal, modern elegance whether turned on or off. This lamp could sit happily in any room, offering subtle sophistication and genuine designer style.

The strikingly beautiful Flar Floor Lamp is inspired by traditional storm lanterns which surround and protect the burning flame inside. This oversized glass lamp is dimmable and has a laser cut steel base. it is available in two subtle colour finishes - Champagne and Terra.

A different take on your standard lamp, the innovative Abachina Floor Lamp is reminiscent of an old abacus with the spheres of white frosted blown glass representing the sliding beads. This is a statement light in an understated form and embodies contemporary minimalism. Visually striking in design, the narrow rectangular metal frame gives a sense of presence without dominating a room.

If your home, hospitality, or commercial space is contemporary in style you can introduce design elements that are bold and innovative. Use an avant-garde designer floor lamp to make a statement or convey your concepts and ideas of contemporary décor. Or simply choose a fixture that will match your minimal modern aesthetic and complement your home interior. The possibilities are endless, and the range of lighting is extensive.

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