Making the most of a spare room

Making the most of a spare room
If you are lucky enough to have a spare room at your place, be sure to make the most of it. Regardless of whether you use the extra space to support a hobby, get in shape or to supplement your income, don’t waste that precious space.

Set up a reading room
If you are a book worm at heart, treat yourself by turning your spare room into the ultimate reading zone. Add a few comfy chairs, a bookcase and as much lighting as possible, as you won’t want your love of reading to damage your eyes. Painting your reading room with light, calming colours will further help to establish a relaxing atmosphere. Finally, keep the air fresh and clean in there by bringing in a few plants and if you will want to have food or drinks in your reading room add a table or two to accommodate your needs.

Make it a health/fitness zone
Regardless of how you like to stay in shape, you will be far more likely to keep up your efforts if you can do so for free in your own home. Whether you like to do weights, yoga or just a few sets of push ups each day, turning your spare room into a dedicated fitness zone is a great way to support your efforts. Incorporating a sound system will make your workouts more fun and adding inspirational pictures or quotes will help boost your motivation. Do what you can to increase the air flow as well; otherwise it is bound to start smelling unpleasant in there.

Games anyone?
If you and your friends or family like to play games regularly turning that spare room into a gaming area is a wonderful idea. Not only will your games room mean you always have plenty of space to play, it will also mean you can leave those games set up if you don’t finish them in the one sitting. Another benefit of a designated games room is that you can keep the noise at least somewhat contained by simply closing the door.

Rent it out
Renting out your spare room can be a marvellous way to boost your income and there are many ways to do so. If you have a friend who needs a place to stay, renting to them will benefit you both; otherwise, you can rent your room out as a meeting space, a storage area or even as a place to hold art shows.

Build a craft room
Getting crafty will be a whole lot easier with your own craft room at home. Regardless of the type of art you like to do you are going to need plenty of light, so unless the room gets lots of sunlight already add a few good lamps. A large table will often come in handy for making crafts and having plenty of storage is essential, and if your kind of crafting is of the messy variety make sure that you set up a cleaning area in there as well.

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