How a handyman can save you time and money

How a handyman can save you time and money
When small jobs pop up around the house we tend to do one of two things, tackle them ourselves with no expertise, or ignore them and hope they go away (they don’t).

Hiring a handyman to help with odd jobs can save you a world of pain, and money. He’s a jack of all trades, from plumbing, to electrical, to carpentry.

Here’s three ways he can save you time and money.

Get several jobs done at once

The beauty of hiring a handyman over individual contractors is that he can handle several different jobs in one appointment. Sure, you could probably handle some of them yourself if you put in the time and effort to research the relevant trades and buy the necessary tools, but it would likely cost you more time and money.

A handyman’s time is an economical investment because he already has knowledge of several industries, the tools for various jobs, and the practice and expertise to execute the work to a professional standard. It will also cost you less than the services of a specialist, or several specialists, as the case may be. Your handyman will charge you the same hourly fee for all his work, which is likely to be less than a specialist. Moreover, you usually deal with just one person, rather than explaining the ongoing fixing up of your house to several different professionals within the same company.

Stay on top of maintenance

Staying on top of the maintenance of your home can save you serious money over time. Small problems when left untreated can exacerbate and become impossible to ignore, usually costing much more to fix than they initially would have. That leaky tap that’s been driving you crazy is having an even worse effect on your water bill, and the damaged tiles in your roof could mean serious water damage. Cleaning out the gutters is not a fun job, but clogged gutters can also lead to water damage and are also a fire hazard.

Additionally, maintaining appliances and structural integrity can save you money on electricity, water, and gas. A handyman can apply weather strips, caulking, and seal your doors and windows against the elements. This will ensure that your heater and your air conditioner work efficiently. A handyman can also look after your insulation, to help you keep your house at the ideal temperature all year round.

Improve the value of your home with small fixes

If you’re planning a full-blown renovation, a handyman might not be for you. However, if you have figured out that you only need a few strategic and clever alterations to increase the value of your home, a handyman can help. It’s tempting to rip out your whole kitchen and start again with shiny new elements, but your budget will thank you if you take a step back and assess what is really needed. If your cabinets are of sound quality inside, you can dramatically alter the look of your kitchen by simply repainting or replacing the doors. Similarly, replacing an old sliding shower screen with a modern glass panel can make a huge difference. A handyman can take on these tasks, and all for one simple hourly fee. He might even be able to point out the most economical things to fix!

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