1. Explore which benefits the customer, and which benefits the handyperson
2. Can obtaining a free quote provide more value than paying for one
3. Why some offer free quotes and others charge for them
4. Free quotes should be for everybody
5. Why should we pay for them? Can a free quote be misleading

 What is a free quote in the handyman industry in Australia?

   A free quote is a business expense waived initially for a customer that is later charged or added to the final invoice with or without preconceived knowledge from the client.

There is a charge. Some are just not upfront about it. Why offer free quotes if it is not free

 What could be in it for them? Some advantages do come with free quotes

To get a foot in your door 

The handyperson does not have to ask too many questions over the phone. It makes it easier to accept  most jobs and show up. They appear to be easygoing and ready for work. It may help the customer to remember them. 

They appear more competitive 

Offering free quotes sets them apart from those who charge a fee. They compete with other businesses that provide free quotes but less so with those that provide detailed quotes and charges. 

A marketing tool – It grabs your attention

Many sole traders and large companies may offer free quotes, as it is a bulk way to reach out to potential clients. A selling strategy used for many years. (Things were different back then) It can be used in their marketing materials, leading to a free quote button on a website with direct phone call to entice customers.

It can save time and effort on their part

Since a free quote remains an approximate calculation, it assumes and expects that the customer understands this. Usually, one total amount, without any breakdown of costs. An approximation is provided verbally or through email.

Alternatively, when the customer is ready for a detailed quote. – Then, the handyperson reveals their details and process. Either way, this avoids having an acute costing method and relies on agreeing with the customer to settle on final costs at the end, if prompted.

 Let’s explore some disadvantages that come with free quotes 

No formal attachment in providing a quote


Getting a free quote technically remains a verbal agreement. Minimal details offered in exchange for their process, materials sourced, used etc. You can’t expect too much from a free quote that has a, don’t ask, don’t tell policy! 

  With a paid quote, there is a fixed price and a written agreement from the start. There is accountability to proceed with your project! Otherwise, their reputation begins to tarnish when picking and choosing jobs, based on a financial reward. 

However, their success depends on their mannerisms, behaviours, and professional conduct, which may or may not be, an accurate representation  

It is more flexible and less effort for the handyperson 

It takes time for a quote to be formulated, with all details. A handyperson that reflects their work, and has attention to detail needs to access every aspect of the work demands. From materials, labour etc. It is easier to show up and throw a random figure for most jobs – because it is free! 

Whether you get a free quote or paid one, the end goal is to save time, expect a quality result and reduce surprises

 It is important to anticipate challenges and reduce unplanned financial surprises when hiring tradespeople. So you have to ask yourself if obtaining a free quote provides more value.

 Whether or not a handyperson offers free quotes, depends on what works best for their business, and the type of clients they choose to do business with


Free quotes can be for a small, straightforward project like painting one wall or assembling a small table.

A quote is required for jobs with time constraints, choice of materials and research time. Multiple works/ jobs, complications, detailed installation, modifications, precision craftsmanship, and quality products require attention to detail. 

When paying, you can expect a detailed quote, saving time. All interactions are professional from the beginning. All costs are transparent.

Hold on … Obtaining 2-3 quotes can become expensive 

 As expensive as it may be, should I ignore any other factors? Will my overall experience, from start to finish, when I pay for a quote, be any different?

 Ask several questions when they show up and discuss realistic expectations

Here are some questions to get you started, based on your needs 

  • Do you have a unique approach to all different tasks? 
  • Our project size and budget is, and what does it achieve realistically?
  • What level of experience do you have?
  • What variety of skills do you possess? 
  • Where have you gained the bulk of your knowledge and expertise?
  • Can you multitask?
  • Do you have experience in dealing with people with different backgrounds?
  • Will you be the same handyperson quoted that arrives to do the job?
  • How much detail is in the quote?
  • How long does it take to provide the quote?
  • How many years of experience do you have as a handyman?
  • What are your strengths, and what jobs will you not do?

Final things to consider when obtaining a free quote and why do some charge 

  •    The likelihood of closing the sale!
  •    The problem needs a licensed handyperson to do the work after all!
  •    Diagnosis before planning the work?
  •    How accurate, thorough and relevant is the quote? 
  •    What is documented in the quote? Does it reflect the information from the meeting? 
  •    Is there any information missing on the quote?
  •    What information has been retained by the handyperson?
  •    Complexity, the discussion of several jobs or doing it randomly as you go along?
  •    What is missing in the quote?
  •    Realistic estimated time frames to complete one or several works combined! 
  •    Their perceived knowledge of what it means, high-quality scope of deliverables?
  •    Quality of tools and results the handyperson will deliver! 
  •    Response time to your questions/emails?
  •    Communication skills, articulating what needs doing.

premises. This includes the quoting stage, and your overall experience from the first phone call, to job completion

  1. The handyperson that does not offer free quotes holds themselves and their business accountable to the client, the job and their reputation. 
  2. Provide valuable information from their services and expertise. 
  3. Contribute to the overall success of the project. 
  4. From the beginning to the end are very pleasant and professional.
  5. For whatever reason, do you require them to come back? They answer the phone and are more than happy to return. 
  6. Time, effort and scheduling jobs are with clients who are more than happy to pay for a quote. They’re ready and need to get the job done with minimal fuss. 
  7. Paying clients understand that free quotes attract a “certain type of clientele” and a particular way of dealing with them in return. 
  8. Prepared to go the extra mile, making time for you and the job a priority!
  9. Since effort and time is combined, preparing the quote. Any financial surprise or disruptions to the project, is fully communicated. Before starting the job, not during or after the job is completed. 


   As a licensed professional tradesman, who values his time and clients, there is a charge for quotes.

So how much do you charge?

 A quote can start from $55+GST and upwards, depending on the size and complexity of the work. Quoting several items and installing will be on the lower end. While complete home makeovers, internal and external of your home, will be at the higher end.

 I have a list of things I need to get done! I’ve researched online and noticed you have good reviews, provide a wide variety of skills, licensed and trustworthy. Why should I have to pay to find out how much the quote is going to cost me?

Why ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE doesn’t offer free quotes?

I do not just install or fix things to buildings, homes or commercial properties. I provide personalised service and cater to those who are particular and not only require the job done properly, but also make it look good. 

Charging for quotes means I do not have to put it into the pricing. I do not ask for additional payment unless unprecedented issues arise. We value being honest and transparent. 

   Ok, so what do I expect to see on your quote?

  • A digital mobile, desktop-friendly, web platform quote sent to your email.
  • The quote is unlimited viewing and download friendly, any time of the day  
  • Date, full name, licence no. business details and address
  • Ability to request references from previous clients
  • Client details and the address/location of the work to be carried out
  • Quote reference number
  • An accurate description of what is covered by the quote and (if necessary) what is not
  • A breakdown of the elements (labour, materials)
  • Before and after pictures of the works in mention
  • Estimated time frame to complete works
  • Link to my current insurance certificate
  • Payment terms
  • Deposit amount
  • Anticipated start date and time  
  • The total price
  • Written 3yrs warranty 
  • Ability to print quote out  
  • Ability to accept and sign the quote digitally
  • Bank details
  • Quote terms and conditions 

 Trust is something you cannot search for or find, but experience

People can be very wary about letting strangers into their houses. ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE built their foundation that being polite, clean, capable, and trustworthy puts us ahead of the competition.

We do the work for you and eliminate the need to decipher which handyperson will do the right thing for you and the job. 

   ITS NEVER TOO LATE HANDYMAN SERVICE – Less work, more life balance 2022 ©

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