Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens
Arguably the biggest trend in green spaces at the moment is the Vertical Garden. We are seeing towering apartment and office blocks transformed by beautiful gardens growing up the outside of buildings helping to soften the appearance of masses of hard surfaces and thereby creating a more peaceful urban feeling.

Vertical gardens are also are on trend for domestic environments, particularly in apartments. Outside they can soften an external bare wall on a balcony or in a courtyard. They can be used as a privacy screen or are a great way to create a garden in limited space. A vertical garden can also be the solution to cooling and shading an outdoor space or transform the old garden shed into a beautiful flowering work of art. Indoors, the kitchen is a convenient place to have a vertical herb garden, providing of course there is plenty of sun light for at least 6 hours per day (vegies & herbs love lots of light). A vertical garden can act as a room divider, fill a void or breeze way, and fragrant plants will provide a fresh aroma to the air.

Any plant that can grow in a pot will be suitable for a vertical garden. A wall of succulents, flowers, herbs or greenery, or a combination will not only be aesthetically pleasing but help to purify the air by removing toxins.

There are many clever ideas on how to build and house your plants. One simple idea we saw was small flowering plants in matching plastic pots that are spaced evenly and clamped to the flat bed of an old packing crate. The crate was then mounted on a wall. Rain gutters were another clever idea mounted horizontally and spaced evenly, giving the impression of flowering troughs. Planter boxes mounted at varying heights and intervals is an interesting look. Or what about hanging baskets at different heights. Or there are pocket (pouch) like systems that are made of recycled materials which allow the soil within to breathe. You could mount pots at varying stages winding up a pole. A small garden framed on the wall will create a gallery effect. The ideas are only limited by your imagination and of course space and environment.

You can hand water your vertical garden or use a dripper system. Or you could go for the more high tech hydroponic systems which provide a relatively pest free environment for the plants. As always do your research. Or if you are stuck for that edge of difference for your vertical garden, consult a professional landscaper specializing in vertical gardens and small spaces. A vertical garden will bring you much peace and happiness.

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