3 reasons to install shade sails

3 reasons to install shade sails
Shade sails have one obvious function- to provide shade. But their benefits go beyond that.

Protection from the elements

Different types of materials are available depending on your needs, which offer varying degrees of protection from the weather.

UV protection is important in Australia. You want your children to play freely outside, but you’re also aware of how harsh the sun can be. Installing shade sails over play areas means more quality time outdoors with your family. It’s also a great option for over the pool, for extra protection on the hottest summer days.

Shade sails are available in a range of materials, varying from shade only to fully waterproof. With a waterproof sail you can plan events with confidence, knowing that you will have a comfortable space for guests in any weather. A Shade sail above your driveway can protect your car from falling leaves and branches, while a waterproof sail will protect your recent wash from the rain!

Style and practicality

The right shade sail for your home can evoke a classy beach resort vibe, or create dynamic shapes which draw the eye to the architecture of your home. Compared with other shade solutions, sails are elegant and minimalistic. They can be made to fit any area, and through layering and colour mixing can seriously enhance the appearance of a space.

They are a truly versatile shade solution, which can be made undetectable or eye catching in an instant. The cost effectiveness of shade sails makes them more versatile still, as owners can invest in different types of materials for various weather conditions, or different colours and styles.

An advantage in the garden 

The Australian climate can be harsh on our gardens. Even plants which enjoy sunlight can struggle in oppressive heat and lose moisture to evaporation. Watering restrictions can take a deadly toll on your plants, and efforts to quench their thirst are not enough.

Installing shade sails can be beneficial to your garden in ways you might not suspect. First of all, weeds do not grow as well in the shade as in the sun, so you will spend less time pulling them out, and your garden will share less of its limited resources. Shade sails are also versatile. Some plants love the winter sun but require more protection in the summer, making removable sails the ideal solution.

Having shaded areas and sunny areas in a garden opens up a whole new variety of plants which can coexist. Those which need little sunlight will thrive in a well shaded spot, while those in the sun can benefit from the shade sail as well. A strategically positioned sail will shade your ferns and provide your other plants with a generous drink when rain runs off the edge.

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