Boosting your home security

Boosting your home security
Boosting your home security will increase the value of your home as well as do wonders for your peace of mind, so if your place doesn’t feel 100% safe, do something about it.

Monitored alarm systems
While regular alarm systems can play an important role in your home security, having professionals ready to jump into action the moment your alarm goes off will provide a whole lot more protection. Monitored alarms represent a significant upgrade in home security and you can get alarms that monitor everything from potential intruders through to threats from flood or fire. If you can afford to get serious with your home’s protection, monitored alarm systems are a fantastic investment.

Motion sensor lighting
Most would-be intruders like to use the cover of darkness in their attempts to break in, so if you can take this cover away from them, your home will be significantly safer. With motion sensor lighting there will be no chance of an uninvited guest sneaking up on your place, because as soon as anyone sets foot on your property the lights will come on. One of the best things about motion sensor lighting is that it will always seem as though you are home regardless of where you are.

A secure garage door
If you keep anything of value in your garage it is important to have a secure garage door with a decent lock. Even if you just keep a few old tools in there, leaving them unsecured could risk them being used to break into your home. Especially if your garage has an entrance into your home, make sure that there is no way anyone can force their way through your garage door.

Security screens
Windows and doors are often the most vulnerable parts of a home, which is why investing in security screens and doors for yours will provide a huge boost to your home’s security. Apart from adding an important extra line of defence, having security screens installed on your windows and doors will mean you can open up your home on those hot summer nights without jeopardising your security.

Guard dogs
There will be far less chance of anyone trying to break into your home if you have a dog on guard, and even a small dog can be enough to deter most would-be intruders. The larger the dog, the more of a deterrent it will be, so if you are getting a dog primarily for security go with larger breeds such as German shepherds or Dobermans.

Knowing your neighbours
The better you know your neighbours the less chance there will be of anyone sneaking up on your home unnoticed, so make an effort to get to know the people that live near you. By keeping an eye on each other’s places you and your neighbours will drastically reduce the chance of anyone successfully.

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