Rubbish removal: cutting costs, hours, and effort

Rubbish removal: cutting costs, hours, and effort
Rubbish removal is an often overlooked aspect of home improvement, but it can turn out to be a serious cost.

Make the most of your money by clearly outlining rubbish removal in your budget and your plan.

Dispose of what you can yourself

Start with things which you can sell or donate to charity. Advertising goods online will attract people to come and pick them up, meaning no costs for you! Some charities can remove goods for a fee, which you can claim on your tax return. If you have your own ute or trailer you may be able to take small loads of rubbish directly to the tip, however this will incur a fee. Hiring a professional rubbish removal company can save you not only money, but time, and lots of hard work.

Be organised 

Be reasonable and realistic when you estimate how much rubbish your job will produce. ‘Winging it’ and hoping for the best are not effective tactics when it comes to waste removal. Incorporate the expense into your budget, and plan the rubbish removal as part of the job. 

Move rubbish to a location which will be easy to access when it comes time to dispose of it. If you are able to place a skip bin or truck within close proximity to the bulk of the rubbish you can significantly reduce labour and time involved in moving it. This is particularly important if you are hiring a removalist to hand-load your waste into a truck.

Lay rubbish flat in the skip bin neatly instead of just throwing it in. Taking some time to consciously organise your rubbish will save you the money, time, and effort involved with extra loads. It’s fairly quick to do, and it can make a huge impact on how much rubbish you can fit in a single bin. Likewise, putting smaller rubbish in bags makes it easier and faster to load.

Plan ahead

Typically one large load of rubbish removal will be more efficient than several smaller loads in terms of saving you money, time, and effort. If you own your own ute you could transport loads to the tip on your own, however, you will be limited with how much you can fit each time, and each load you deposit will incur a cost.

Knowing which size skip bin you might need and how long you will need it for can go a long way towards saving you money. It might seem like a good idea to get the smaller bin, but if multiple removals of the contents are required it can really add up. Having the bin delivered and emptied is expensive, so you will want to do this as few times as possible.

If you think you need a larger bin, hire it for only a brief period of time and use your organisational skills to make sure that all your rubbish will be ready to go when the bin arrives. Some rubbish removal services offer bulk discounts- another incentive to take out the trash all at once.

To find a rubbish removal or skip bin hire company in your local area, use our home improvement directory.

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