Blinds on the inside

Blinds on the inside
Considering blinds for your windows? Well you will be bowled over by choice. Here is some information to get you started.

Curtains are no longer a popular way to dress your windows. Blinds are fast replacing curtains and come in a huge range of options with many colours, fabrics, textures and materials to choose from.

Arguably it all started with the Venetians in the 1700’s. These days Venetian blinds come in aluminium, timber and poly resin. Aluminium blinds are sprayed with an enamel colour paint. Poly resin blinds are also available in a range of colour finishes. Both these products are easy to clean, fade resistant and long lasting. Cedar venetians tend to come in light, medium and dark timbers and will take a little more care to maintain.

Roman blinds are made of fabric and provide a softer look at a more cost friendly price.

Roller blinds are fast becoming the most popular type of blind in homes today particularly contemporary homes. Roller blinds are very clever in that depending on the fabric you choose they can let light in, you can see out, outsiders can’t see in and it gives you protection from the sun. There are blockout fabrics which will provide complete privacy while blocking the outside light and there are options in between which provide privacy and filtered light. Roller blinds are smart, sleek and can be operated by remote control eliminating cords or chains.

Vertical blinds were very popular in the 80’s & 90’s. They allow you to control the amount of light you want into your room with a range of fabrics and backings to help block out the outside light.

Panel blinds are a clever solution for bi fold doors, sliding glass doors and large windows. They consist of large vertical panels that when pulled back stack neatly to one side of the opening.

Drape fold blinds are a great alternative to real drapes or curtains. They provide the elegant appearance of drapes with the practicality and even fold of a blind.

Cellular or honeycomb blinds are energy efficient blinds that will keep you cool in summer and help keep the warmth in during winter. The honeycomb like cells trap air helping to keep the room at an even temperature reducing the need for the costly running of heating or cooling.

Double view blinds are another clever option on the market. They comprise of two roller blinds, one being a sheer blind providing soft light with partial privacy, great for day time and the second being a block out or privacy blind which is great when its bed time.

There are many companies that will custom make blinds for you. A consultant will come to your home to measure and quote and offer advice on styles and colours to suit your décor and budget. There are ready made blinds available at stores that sell furniture, soft furnishings and interiors, just make sure you measure your windows before you go shopping. Or if you are really handy on the sewing machine you could make your own.

There are lots of options for covering or dressing your windows on the inside and that’s not even mentioning curtains or shutters. Blinds will help to create ambience and add style to your room while providing UV protection, insulation, privacy, light when you want it or darkness both night and day for privacy, day time sleep or to watch a movie. There’s even Acoustic blinds on the market that would be a great addition to the home theatre or kids TV room.

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