How to choose the perfect blinds and curtains

Curtains are not just simply used for window dressing - they can create the foundation of a room’s entire atmosphere. And they’re practical too, offering solitude, tenderness and other several benefits. However, with countless options to decide from, it can take the time to discover the ideal curtains for your room.

When it comes to window decoration, the choices have flourished in the same way. Having a broad selection is a blessing - and this article will show you why.

1. Privacy


Curtains are mostly used for the privacy, but if the curtain is too thin or too light then it will fail to give you any privacy or solitude. It is here that the curtain fabric and weave become an essential factor when selecting curtains for privacy, as some offer a lot more privacy than others.

While sheer curtains look great and do carry with them visual fluffiness, they do not provide any (or very little) privacy.

Add an extra coat of solid curtains along with the sheers to provide you a wider array of options. Thick curtains are made up of dark coloured fabric and with thick material gives the best kind of privacy to the dwellers. Dark curtains offer a certain from a privacy and security point of view.

If your home has windows that when left uncovered offer a clear view of the inside, then it is recommended to go for heavier material curtains in colours that will block out the outside view. While this will give you privacy, on the one hand, it is also conducive to the safety aspect.

So make sure to check your priorities before opting the curtains.


2. Colour with contrast

To give the space a unique or unusual vibe, use curtains in a shade that are diverse from the ones previously existing in the space. Theme range from assorted to vintage to modern.

An additional trendy way is to take a tone-to-tone approach in decoration - this gives the room a monolithic yet fascinating look.

For an aesthetic feel with solid-coloured curtains, you may prefer curtain fabric in the alike colour family as your wall colour, but go for a shady or luminous version. For example, if you favor subtle colour dissimilarity, stay within three shades of the wall colour.

Complementary colours tend to sit contradictory to each other on the colour scale.

Although the complementary colour system is a classic, the contrast is often too great to use opaque curtains with solid-colored walls. Instead, temper the contrast with a cloth pattern that blends an unbiased with your wall's colour balance.


3. Ventilation

Still stumbling from the freeze of chill? Thermal curtains are a great way to keep out the cold and escalate the energy efficiency of your home’s heating arrangement during the frosty months.

Additional curtains, for windows and doors, give you a supplementary coating of insulation and can even help in bringing down your power bills over time.

When it's time to transform your living space for the warmer spring and summer months, all you need to do is draw those curtains back to create an open and airy living space. If solitude is your essential objective, then sheer curtains are great for creating gusty, cheery spaces that have superb natural aeration. You may like to consider how adding window curtains could effect the flow of natural light in your house and select a material based on that.

Adding heavy drapes that completely block out the brightness in an already dark, cluttered residence can be counter-productive and unpleasant. So ensure the ventilation is not an issue when you're choosing your curtains.


4. Pattern and texture

Are you trying to add a bubbly pattern that will breathe life in your livelihood?

Perhaps your bedroom needs an added plush texture that will add style and a hint of romance to the room?

Before choosing your window curtain make sure you consider these things, as it will help you to decide on the best pattern and texture for your situation. Curtains are a simple way to liven up the living space by bringing in a fun geometric pattern or a smooth and silky new texture to the space. With bold, retro designs making a comeback, your window curtains are the bes way to refresh your living space!

If you have patterned furnishings or bedclothes stick with solid curtains.

If you cover solid-colour furnishings or bedcovers, have a look at patterned curtains.

For a subtle style, go for a small, impartial print, like spots or paisley. A huge, graphic print in a colour that shares to the existing decoration is daring but can also be stunning.


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