Removable Wallpaper

by Charlie on 06-03-2015 Wallpaper
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Removable Wallpaper

For those of us who have been watching home improvement or renovating shows on TV we know that wallpaper is definitely back. However it’s now so much easier to hang and remove wallpaper and the range of styles, colours and textures available are amazing. Some companies will even custom design a wallpaper for you. Imagine a wall covered by a mural that could transport you to an entirely different place.

The most exciting thing though is Removable Wallpaper.  The original method of hanging wallpaper was pasting the paper, which was a messy and tedious job, but with Removable Wallpaper you only paste the wall or the wallpaper will be self adhesive. The wallpaper is designed  to not only make adhering easy but shouldn’t bubble, or rip or peel.

Removable wallpaper is the perfect idea for renters who want to add some style to the home and perhaps compliment their own furniture and accessories with a papered wall. Then when it comes times to move you simply remove the paper, take it with you and hang it in your next home. Or if you are tired of the look it’s so easy to change. It’s such a great idea for feature walls or kids bedrooms as their fads evolve. It’s an exciting innovation that will get the inner designer going in all of us.


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