What’s All The BUZZ

by Charlie on 23-02-2015
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What’s All The BUZZ

Wow check out this new Aussie Invention, The Flow Hive.

 Have you ever wanted your own bee hives but thought it was too much work or just didn’t know how to go about it? Or you already have bee hives and want to lighten the work load? Well The Flow Hive has been undergoing testing for a couple of years now and is finally available for us amateurs.  You literally turn on a tap to extract the honey and it flows straight into your jar or container. It takes a lot of the stress out of the extraction process for you and the bees because you can harvest the honey without opening the hive. You can buy frames to fit your existing bee box or you can start from scratch.

A campaign on Indiegogo started 23nd February with a goal of raising $70,000. Within 24 hours there was already in excess of a million dollars pledged. Get in quick. It’s liquid gold!


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