Six Landscaping Trends

by Charlie on 14-04-2016 Garden and Landscaping
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Six Landscaping Trends

Good landscaping construction implemented from well a thought out landscape design plan can completely change a home’s appeal, value and livability.

Here are six design elements that are on many homeowners wish lists for inclusion in their landscaping project. 

Edible gardens

As eating organically becomes more and more popular, more people are trying to incorporate edible elements into their garden designs. From veggie patches to fruit trees, these edible elements can spice up your garden and are great for encouraging kids to eat healthy. Growing your own veggies can be a great way to become more self-sufficient, and is a fantastic step towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. 

Vertical gardens

Whether you’re after some greenery in a cramped urban courtyard, or you simply want to add an exciting new element to your backyard, vertical gardens offer a great solution that maximises space while creating interest and diversity in your garden design. They can range from a simple DIY method of pots hung on a wall to full-scale irrigated systems that ensure the continued growth and health of your new vertical landscape.

Synthetic turf

The quality and availability of synthetic grass products has increased significantly in recent years, as more homeowners seek care-free alternatives to natural lawns. While synthetic products are more expensive than real grass, they reduce the need for ongoing maintenance costs and are able to give you a perfect green lawn all year round. Synthetic lawn suppliers offer many different colour and texture options, so you can tailor your choice to suit how you use your lawn or how you want your garden to look.

Outdoor living areas

Australian homeowners are increasingly embracing the potential of their outdoor areas, with today’s best home designs incorporating ‘indoor-outdoor’ spaces that allow for the creature comforts of inside living whilst enjoying the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors. These can take the form of vast decks, covered pergolas, enclosed verandas or freestanding garden pavilions. Outdoor kitchens are popular inclusions in these spaces, helping to create the ultimate outdoor entertaining areas. 

Native plants

Native plants can be the perfect addition to your garden. As they are durable and drought-resistant, Australian species are perfectly suited to withstand our harsh climates. Natives can be the perfect way to add variety to your garden design and complement traditional varieties. Native plants also tend to be cheaper than non-natives, and they generally require less ongoing maintenance. 

Water-saving measures

Creating a sustainable and responsible garden is a top priority for many Australian homeowners, and our dry continent means that water usage is a major issue. Many garden designs now incorporate water-wise systems such as drip irrigation as opposed to thirsty sprinkler systems. Low-maintenance synthetic lawns are a great way to reduce the water usage of your garden, as well as using native plants that are more tolerant of dry conditions. 

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