Appliance repair: when to call a professional

Appliance repair: when to call a professional
If any of your appliances have been acting strangely lately, you may have wondered whether you should call a professional.

The most obvious sign is that they aren’t working at all, but other symptoms include loud noises, water leaking, decreased efficiency, and higher than normal power bills. If you’re tossing up between repair and replacement, a professional can help you assess the appliance and make the best decision.

Fridge repair

Fridges make some sounds which are normal and nothing to worry about, you will be used to these. An ongoing buzzing sound, however, can be a sign that interior components are in need of repair. It’s difficult to ascertain which part of the fridge is in need of repair, so it is important to call a repairman who can identify and repair the issue before it causes further problems.

A leaking refrigerator or hot air coming from the back are clear signs of problems. A technician will need to address one of many potential issues, including blockages in the pipes, or problems with the motor. If your fridge is warm inside, it could simply be that someone has bumped the thermostat. However, if you check this and it is still warm, a professional will be needed to calibrate your sensors or replace them if necessary.

Washing machine repair

If you turn your washing machine on and the cycle does not begin, it’s easy to assume that it is completely broken. However, it could be a simple fix. The washing machine will only work when the lid is closed, so if the lid switch is faulty, it could be sending the machine the message that the lid is open. A professional can easily replace your lid switch and have your washing machine working again in no time.

Many of us put up with loud sounds coming from the washing machine during a cycle. If the machine is rocking backwards and forwards and making banging noises, it could be as simple as an off-balanced load of clothes. You can fix this by rearranging the washing in the machine. However, loud sounds can also be an indication of a deeper problem, which can worsen if not addressed. If redispersing the load does not help, call in a professional.

Problems with a washing machine pump are harder to solve. A clogged pump can prevent water from draining out of the machine, leaving you with wet clothes. Similarly, an absence of water is cause for concern. First check that the taps are on to allow water flow, then call a technician to assess the problem. If water is leaking on the floor, call a professional, it’s likely not an easy fix.