Bathroom Trends For 2015

Bathroom Trends For 2015
Once the bathroom was a just a functional space for the family to bathe and refresh.

Back in the day many houses had only one bathroom and most of those had the toilet in bathroom. So imagine when poor little Johnny spotted his Dad heading down the hall towards the family bathroom with newspaper under arm. Cross your legs and hope there was not much happening news wise that day. Fast forward to the 21st Century and most homes have at least an ensuite and main bathroom.

How different bathrooms are now. There is so much wow factor in so many varying ways and so much variety available in tiles, tap ware, basins, toilets, shower heads and all manner of fabulous ideas whether you are looking for hotel luxe, urban spa or an attractive functional family bathroom. Even the powder room is back. Who doesn’t love the privacy of a separate toilet?

Despite the fact that we constantly hear how busy everyone’s lives are these days there must still be a lot of people who have time to soak in the bath tub. Free standing baths are a big feature in most bathrooms and have become a focal point of the room. Though remember you need to make sure your floor can withstanding the weight of a free standing bath, particularly if its stone, and that you have sufficient access for it.

Indoor plants are back and the bathroom is a great place to add a peaceful green feel to the room.  We are seeing both potted plants and hanging plants a lot more. A beautiful potted orchid would be a stunning accessory. Just remember to choose the right plants for the humid environment a bathroom creates and the amount of natural light and ventilation in the room.

Timber flooring and finishes are another popular bathroom trend. Paired with natural stone, timber looks fantastic. Or where there is a strong use of either black, grey or white tiles the timber shelves, mirror frames, cupboards, bench tops or even a timber free standing bath add balance to the room. Timber also looks great with plants. Just don’t overdo the timber and have your room looking like a Swedish sauna.

Recessed shelving and cupboards are a fantastic way to save on space. Recessed shelving in a shower  not only looks very smart but there’s no more bumping your head or elbows on those shelves or racks holding the necessary lotions and potions that jut out and minimize space.

Tap ware trends are strong in both mixers and sets. Copper and black are very on trend as is the bath outlet that will swivel just like your kitchen tap. There are stylish floor mounted bath mixers perfect for the free standing baths, wall mounted spouts for both basin and bath, or the waterfall bath spout. The look is sleek to the point that at first glance they don’t even look like a tap.

Natural stone mosaics in a variety of shapes including hexagonal, diamond, oval, triangle and marqui right now. A feature wall of mosaics or just a floor of mosaics combined with much larger square or rectangular tile will create a stylish look without being too busy and harsh on the eye.

Accessories are important. If you have stuck to the current trend of black, white, grey, natural stones or timber you need a splash of colour in your accessories. Pick one or two colours for towels, bowls, containers, plant pots, candle holders or whatever accessories you are using and your bathroom is complete.

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