The definitive guide to updating your bathroom on a budget

The definitive guide to updating your bathroom on a budget
You don’t always need to spend a huge amount of money on bathroom renovations to produce something really beautiful. Small, focused upgrades can make a big impact and transform the look and feel of the space, without breaking the bank. It is all about taking a step back and looking at your bathroom from the perspective of a visitor.

What is the first thing that you see when you enter the room? Does the décor look fresh and light or tired and old fashioned? Could the layout of the bathroom be improved? These are all important questions and they all have solutions that can be achieved on a tight budget. You’ve just got to use your imagination and be willing to get creative.

Change up your taps

Your faucets may seem like a tiny detail, but they can really bring the aesthetic of a bathroom down if they’re rusty or just don’t match the rest of the décor. Plus, shiny new tap sets are more affordable than you might think. You can shop for them online and they’ll only take a qualified plumber around an hour to install. For a contemporary vibe, pick a mixer set, rather than two separately standing hot and cold taps.

Update the shower screen

One of the easiest ways to bring a bathroom into the 21st century is with a sleek and modern shower screen. Frosted and opaque screens are not as fashionable as they used to be, so it might be worth going clear. As long as you have a sturdy lock on the bathroom door, there’s nothing to fear from a completely transparent shower door, screen, or cubicle. It actually makes the space look larger because you’re not visually dissecting it.

Embrace natural textures

If you want to make your bathroom feel relaxing and therapeutic, opt for natural textures and materials. Think light coloured wood, pebbled stone, pale colour schemes, and a marked move away from harsh plastics. The good news is that budget renovators can cheat their way to that spa ready vibe. Bath mats and shower curtains with natural designs are cheap to buy and they add a bit of dimension and interest to the space.

Invest in a new toilet seat

This is one of the most affordable changes of all, but it will make a difference. The accessories in your bathroom should all match and be in a similar condition. Otherwise, the space will feel disjointed and poorly put together. Shabby toilet seats, peeling towel rails, and plastic look brushes just aren’t elegant. Opt for high-quality materials, rather than ‘faux’ designs covered in metallic foil. Avoid plastic objects that crack and stain, because they look unsightly.

Buy a new vanity table/cabinet

Ideally, you want to make something other than your toilet the focal point. Usually, the best choice is the vanity table, because it is where you’ll find the mirror and the sink. Small, compact cabinets are great for tight budgets because they slot neatly into an existing floor plan and add subtle elegance to the room. If you don’t have money for additional storage, make sure that your vanity has plenty of options. 

How to shop for affordable, high-quality fixtures, and fittings

The best place to find budget bargains is online. Here, you can compare prices and spend all the time you need browsing for low-cost accessories. This will give you the opportunity to focus on a more important job; finding a reliable, qualified plumber for your tub, toilet, and tap upgrades. Don’t forget to ask for a cost estimate and a completion timeframe before you agree to hire any builders or specialists.

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