Bringing your bathroom back from disaster

Bringing your bathroom back from disaster
If I had to say what my favourite room in the whole house was, I would have to say that after the bedroom (because of the sleeping, silly), it’s the bathroom for me. I love having super long, luxurious, decadent showers.

I also have a collection of shower gels and soaps that many people would deem unnecessary, but then, I have no time for such haters in my life. Indeed, I have always loved having a long hot shower, just as much as I love bathing, and almost any activity associated with luxuriating. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all, provided that you have the right kind of bathroom in which to relax.

You need to have a fairly nice space, otherwise you’re just going to be lying in your tub staring up at a ceiling covered in mould, and no one wants that. If you are in the position of needing to renovate your bathroom, then I would suggest that you consult a plumbing professional first and foremost so that you know what you’re going to be working with.

I recently had the task of renovating my bathroom and bringing it back from pretty much disaster. While it was by no means a simple task, it was hugely rewarding. I want to share with you what I learned when I had to bring my bathroom back from disaster.

Take stock of things

When you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, often the biggest thing standing in your way is yourself. It can be daunting to think about all of the things that you need to do, so a great way to kick things off is with a good cup of tea and a sit down with a big piece of paper and a pen. Work out everything you want to change, and then figure out what’s possible and how much things are going to cost. Being prepared means that you’re not going to run into problems down the line.

Think about design

Do you want a modern bathroom? Do you want a minimal bathroom? Do you want to have a bathroom where you feel totally secure and cozy? When you know the design aesthetic it’s far easier for you to strike the right kind of balance in the space. All of your choices, from fixtures and fittings down to the style of tapware, are going to depend on the aesthetic that you decide on, so nail this down before you start unless you want a hodge-podge of stuff.

Consider your options

What is actually possible for you in your space? Do you want to have a bathroom with an infinity tub? If your budget is $5,000 you might not be able to squeeze that one in. Think about what you can actually do and then make concessions where you need to.

Get a licensed plumber to help

There’s nothing worse than people thinking they can do the plumbing on their home bathroom renovation themselves. Unless you’re a licensed plumber, guess what? You’ll probably need to get someone in to help you out. There’s nothing wrong with spending money where you need to, and it means you can sleep easy at night knowing you’re not going to wake up in a big pile of the proverbial.

Capitalise on your investment

One of the best ways to get that feel-good vibe from your bathroom is to take a look at how much the renovation has impacted on the equity in your home! A well-structured renovation can be key for improving the value of your home, so be sure to take this into consideration with your spending.

Converting your bathroom nightmares into a dream is not a simple task, but with the right kind of planning it can turn out to be something amazing. Get started today and enjoy the pay off sooner.

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