How and why to choose exposed aggregate concrete

How and why to choose exposed aggregate concrete
Exposed Aggregate concrete is a great look for driveways, pathways, hardscaping, and patios. It’s made by laying the premixed concrete and then carefully removing the top layer to expose the aggregates. Here’s just a few reasons to enjoy aggregate concrete.

It’s unique

Concrete can be mixed using a variety of aggregates, like rocks, sand, and coloured particles. Driveways, patios, and paths made from aggregate concrete are immediately eye catching. It can look sophisticated in black and white, bright and colourful, or even shiny with translucent specks. It’s a great option when you want something durable but also decorative, and works well for large areas. Exposed aggregate concrete looks stunning around a swimming pool, as the sunlight bounces off the water and catches the flecks in the concrete.

Traction and durability

If you want your driveway to be safe for your family in all kinds of weather you need good traction. While brushed concrete can give some slip resistance, it wears down over time. Exposed aggregate concrete provides a tough, non-slip surface, perfect for sloped driveways and rainy days. It also looks much nicer and adds value to your home. Traditional concrete holds a larger amount of water and becomes cracked and damaged more easily.

Complement the colours in your house and garden

When it comes to choosing complementary colours, a solid coloured concrete driveway can look overpowering. The aggregates in exposed aggregate concrete create subtle highlights which bring out colours in your landscape to create a more balanced look. One popular idea is to match the aggregate colour with a plant in your garden to tie the driveway, paths, and vegetation together.

This can be achieved with flowers, but you can also achieve a dramatic effect by matching your driveway to the deep pinks and reds of copper leaf and fire bug plants. A mini gold hedge is popular in front gardens, and the bright yellow colour will juxtapose with the red beautifully. Try a spotted leaf like croton speckled as a counterpart to the exposed aggregate. Consider the ways you can incorporate exposed aggregate into your own garden.

Value for money

The benefits of exposed aggregate concrete are many. Industrial materials can be recycled and used in its production, and it can be recycled itself when its life is over. This makes it one of the more environmentally friendly choices. It’s cost effective, as well as being quick to install. You’ll save on trades and be walking on your new paths in no time. Perhaps best of all, exposed aggregate concrete is low maintenance, giving it a big tick in our books!