The importance of a professional concretor

The importance of a professional concretor
Concrete is a versatile and very widely used building material.

There would be very few homes, old or new that don’t have concrete in some way, shape or form. The mixing, forming, laying and finishing of concrete is extremely important and therefore should always be carried out by a professional, licensed and insured Concretor regardless of the size of the job.

A shoddy concreting job is not only visually very obvious but also can be a risk to structural integrity and therefore a safety risk.

The foundations of many homes these days are quite often either a concrete slab, footings or concrete piers. The very nature of the word foundation means it is vital that the job is done to the best possible professional standard.

Concrete can be found in many other areas both inside and outside the home including:

Floors and walls

Kitchen and bathroom benches

Structural beams

Hearths and fireplace surrounds

Swimming pools

Fish ponds

Water features




Outdoor entertaining areas

Outdoor furniture

Outdoor fire pit

Fencing and fence posting

Retaining walls

When we think of concrete we immediately think grey. Dull & boring right? Well there are many types of concrete available that will bring that grey to life and create a stylish look that will enhance the appearance of your home. Concrete on your driveway, pathways and entertaining areas can be stamped, stenciled or coloured. Or you could choose exposed aggregate concrete which may incorporate materials such as stones and pebbles to create a beautiful texture and finish that will add some wow factor to your outdoor entertaining areas.

Polished concrete floors and bench tops are on trend and will give any home a very modern, industrial look while providing a hardy and long lasting surface. Like with your outdoor concrete, the addition of colour, aggregate or other materials such as shells will further enhance the appearance and individuality of your décor.

Concrete is usually a relatively inexpensive product to produce and lay. It is durable and easy to maintain. Be sure to get some quotes from experienced professionals who will be able to visit the site, evaluate the nature of the job and provide a comprehensive price. Visit the Homeimprovement2day directory for a Concreter near you.

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