The benefits of a home renovation or extension

The benefits of a home renovation or extension
There are many reasons why home owners may choose to renovate or extend their house. Perhaps you are about to sell and want to add value to the property, or your growing family requires more space.

When it comes to adding space and improving your quality of living, you may have already decided that moving house is not the best solution, particularly if you want to stay close to a local school or workplace.

A home renovation or extension can add value, help you save money, improve your home’s functionality and space, and can all be done to your very own budget, time constraints, and preference.

To add value

Whether you intend to sell now or in the future, renovating or extending your home is a great way to add value. Creating an extra bedroom will give the property an edge in a market consisting of families, while choosing to do a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation can add value to the entire home.

Whether it includes adding new rooms or making existing areas larger, extending the square metres of your home will instantly add value. A house which makes the most of unused areas such as under the house is also attractive to buyers. A well planned home renovation or expansion translates into a house which sells faster and for a better price.

To save money

Compared with the costs of buying a house or building, renovations and extensions can be the most cost effective choice. Moving house comes with legal and administrative fees, stamp duty, real estate services, and removalists, to name a few. Opting to renovate instead means that all of those expenses can go straight into improving your home and quality of living.

Renovating can be a great choice for investment properties where costs are sometimes tax deductible. Another way to save on expenses is to complete some of the work yourself. Consider improving the energy efficiency of your home as part of your renovation to save on future bills.

To improve functionality and space

Renovating or extending your home provides ample opportunity to improve the functionality of your home and increase overall space. Create open, flowing spaces by removing walls, or adding an outdoor area which transitions smoothly inside. 

Increasing the natural light allowed into your home or installing other lighting features can considerably improve a room. Furthermore, by inserting smart storage solutions, a room becomes not only more spacious, but more inviting and relaxing as well. 

Renovating or extending can be a perfect solution for growing families; whether you add an extra bedroom for a new baby, or an entire second storey for the teenagers to escape to. A new ensuite will make morning bathroom congestion a thing of the past!

To make it yours

Renovating means that you are able to tailor your house exactly to your individual needs and sense of style. This could be as simple as the number of bedrooms or the size of the kitchen, or as complex as the type of storage you choose and its location in the house. Whether you decide to renovate your house in a timeless style or keep up with current trends is entirely your decision.

Being in charge of your own renovation means that you can do as much or as little as you please, and complete it at your own pace. This allows you to spread the costs over time to suit your budget, or focus work around the holidays and long weekends. A renovator might begin testing the waters with a bathroom makeover, and eventually build the confidence to transform the entire house.

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