Ever thought about giving your home a Lift

Ever thought about giving your home a Lift
Homes with lifts or elevators were once rare and considered a very expensive luxury item. But with improved technology, design and engineering, lifts are more affordable and becoming a sought after necessity in homes where access is steep and the house is spread over a number of levels. Most standard new homes these days are at least two levels and many are split level or multi-level if built on a hill side.

So if you are building a new home why not consider adding a residential lift. We plan ahead for the size and purposes of each room taking into account the growth of the family, so if this house is to be your forever home, you may want to consider the idea that you could well need a lift in the future when you are less mobile and tackling the stairs becomes a problem but you don’t want to move. A lift is also the perfect solution for the elderly or wheel chair bound family members, or just to move heavy items from one floor to another.

Lifts can be retro fitted to existing homes either internal or external, so don’t rule one out altogether before you talk to a professional lift company. There are a number of different types of lifts for a variety of purposes. Besides passenger lifts there are stair lifts that are ideal for the less mobile, enabling them to retain their independence. Basically it is a chair that is attached to the stair rail and it will move up and down the stair well. These chairs can be fitted to straight and curved stairs, indoors or outdoors and the arms, footrest and seat can be folded away when not in use.

Platform lifts which are designed to carry a wheel chair are popular in split level homes, indoors or outdoors. There are also outdoor models that can be fully enclosed to protect you from the elements. An ideal solution where ramping is difficult and too long to cover the required height.

Dumb waiters aren’t such a dumb idea. We used to think they were just for restaurants to move meals from kitchen to dining areas when they weren’t on the same level. Now dumb waiters are being installed more and more in private homes. Again it’s those home that are on steep blocks built over multi levels. The kitchen may be two levels above the casual entertaining area, so what better way to move food, drinks, plates, glasses, platters and all manner of entertaining necessities up and down than by dumb waiter. But not just for entertaining, what about the groceries you will no longer have to lug upstairs from the garage. There are many uses for a dumb waiter.

Do your research and you may be surprised at the different models, the ease with which some can be installed or the stylish custom finished lifts designed to fit in with the décor of your home. The addition of a lift, whether for mobility assistance or just to move passengers and goods up and down makes a whole lot of sense.

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