Gabion retaining walls for flood control

Gabion retaining walls for flood control
If you have a home located along a river or by the sea, or you have a creek running through your property, erosion control is an important factor in protecting your property.

Heavy rain and flash flooding are becoming more frequent causing land to wash away and it is important to maintain, stabilise and repair your river or stream bank.

Gabions and Reno Mattresses are the ideal solution to erosion in any aquatic environment. Gabions can be PVC coated and are double twisted wire baskets that are commonly filled with sandstone, bluestone or river pebbles.

There are several advantages to using Gabions:

  • Gabions are durable and long lasting and can last 100+ years, depending on the application and coating.
  • Unlike concrete, Gabions and Renos will not leach harmful chemicals into the water and will have a longer life span in the aquatic environment as they are especially designed to prevent corrosion.
  • Gabions are also naturally flexible, as they accommodate significant differential settlement and are permeable in their structure.
  • Gabions are strong. The fastening procedure ensures that the units act as one extremely strong monolithic structure.
  • Gabions are environmentally friendly as river and marine sediments become trapped in the spaces between the rocks, vegetation growth is encouraged.

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