What you need to know about built-in wardrobes

What you need to know about built-in wardrobes
We all love lots of storage in our homes and the most efficient way to do that is with built-ins. It is well worth considering the addition of built-in wardrobes to your bedrooms.

Or if you are lucky enough to have plenty of space a walk-in robe is even better!

A built in wardrobe creates a very functional and tidy solution for your clothing, shoes and accessories that can be customised specifically for your needs.

You could consult an interior designer to help with the design, layout and exterior finish of your wardrobe or go directly to the built-in wardrobe experts who will help design a bespoke built in wardrobe for you. Either way you will end up with a functional and clever storage solution that will also be aesthetically pleasing.

Before you get some quotes it would be a good idea to sort through your clothing, shoes, hats, ties, belts and other accessories. Throw out, sell, donate or give away anything that you no longer wear. A rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it for two seasons then you are not likely to ever wear it again. Although most of us have one or two favourite pieces that we will want to hang on to. Also have a think about how you may want the internals of the wardrobe configured.

How much long hanging or short hanging space you may need. If you have more dresses you will need more long hanging. Do you want to hang pants and trousers long or looped over a hanger. Do you want drawers, baskets, fixed shelving, adjustable shelving, pull out racks, shoe racks, a jewelry draw – the list goes on. If you put a little thought into it before you get some quotes, it may well speed up the process. However, the wardrobe companies are the experts, it’s what they specialise in and they will have many clever ideas and solutions to guide you in the right direction to a very pleasing result.

The wardrobe professionals will also advise on the right place to install the robe in the room, taking into consideration such things as existing doors, light fittings, power points and cornices. If the room doesn’t get much natural light or is on the smaller size, you may want to consider having mirrored wardrobe doors or opaque glass to reflect light and make the room look bigger. There are a number of different finishes and styles available for the wardrobe exterior. Most companies can offer classic, modern or contemporary styles in timber, polyurethane or laminate as well as glass and mirrors. So no matter what the period or style of your home is there will be something to suit your décor.

Wardrobe companies will also revamp any existing built-ins you may have. While you are embarking on installing a new wardrobe you may also want to think about storage solutions for other areas of your home. For example under your stairs can be converted into a useful storage space as can an attic. You may need good laundry storage, an entertainment unit or a functional home office or any custom made cabinetry. Many wardrobe companies will be happy to quote on these types of jobs as well.

Whatever the room or the job, the final result will be a functional and organized space that will provide a spot for everything and hopefully inspire everyone, including the kids, to keep things neat and tidy. An investment that’s well worth it.

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