Get Rugged Up This Winter

Get Rugged Up This Winter
What better way to make a warm, cozy and stylish statement to a room than with a beautiful floor rug.

Rugs can bring a room together or help create a zone in an open plan area of your home. When planning the décor for your room you could start with a rug and use its tones and textures to determine other decorator items and soft furnishings such as cushions and throws to compliment the rug. With the choices available you should be able to find a rug to suit your existing décor.

Rugs come is a myriad of colours, styles, shapes sizes and patterns. You will find a broad choice from plains, to florals, checker board, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, geometrics, botanical and animal prints as well as the more traditional Oriental styles.

The material and the process used in the making of the rug will determine the price, and there is a rug to suit all budgets. Handmade rugs are either hand knotted, hand woven (flatweave) or hand tufted. Due to the length of time taken to make a handmade rug and its quality, they are more expensive but can be a collector’s item. Machine made are a more contemporary style of rug. A good quality machine made woolen rug can last many years with the right care.

Floor rugs can look great on any type of floor whether it be timber, tiles, carpet, concrete, slate. If you have a patterned carpet you may choose a plain rug to create a contrast in colour and texture. Or, a colourful patterned rug for a plain carpet. Just about anything will go with other floor types and your choice will depend on the purpose and size of the room, your style and furnishings..

Children love to sit or lie on the floor to play, read and watch TV so by adding a rug it will give them a more cozy space and usually for not a lot of money. There are some very cute and colourful rugs available for kids in many different shapes, sizes and themes. There’s alphabet, road maps, world maps, hearts, cartoon characters, snakes & ladders, square rugs, rectangle, round and oval rugs and the choice goes on. Lower pile rugs made of a synthetic fibre are a smart option as they are more stain resistant, easier to clean and easier to play on..

If you have an outdoor room a rug will help provide some warmth during winter. There are even indoor/outdoor rugs available that are sun resistant and can be hosed down and air dried. If you are living in a rented home a rug is a smart purchase. You can have the benefit of the additional warmth and style that can go with you when you move on..

Rug grip, rug pads or underlay of some type is important to ensure your rug won’t slip or move causing it to be unsafe. Underlay is also a good idea as a protective barrier between the flooring and rug to prevent the dye seeping and to give you that extra layer of padding. There are grips just for the corners to prevent them from curling up or large sized underlay that can be cut to size – perfect for the tricky shaped round or oval rugs..

When buying a rug you will be spoilt for choice but whatever you do choose is and regardless of the cost it will be a great addition to your home.

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