Bring your tired timber floors back to life

Bring your tired timber floors back to life
There is nothing like the natural beauty of a timber floor.

For centuries all kinds of timbers have been used all over the world as a choice of flooring. If looked after properly, a timber floor will long outlast us and still look good. Because it is a natural product no two timber floors are identical, just as no two trees are identical. There are many different types of timber used for flooring in both traditional and modern homes.

The width of the boards, the colour, knots, grain and stain of the timber and the finish it has, give it a unique look that will suit any décor style.

Timber floors need to be cared for and maintained just like any other surface in your home. While timber is a very hardy surface and will withstand years of traffic, scrapes and spillages it will eventually need to be sanded and polished to bring it back to its original condition.

Floor sanding can be a dusty and back breaking job. You can hire sanding equipment and do the job yourself but the machines won’t be of the standard a professional will use purely because they are constantly being used by home handymen who may not use and treat the equipment properly. It is well worth the cost of hiring a licensed, professional and reputable, fully insured, floor sanding company to carry out the job for you. Get a few quotes before you make your choice.

They will assess your floor and its condition and help advise you on which colour stain will best suit your décor and which protective finish to use. You may also want to take into account the amount of light and traffic the floor will receive. The price of a job will depend on the size of the floor, the type of timber and its condition, as well as the stain and finish you choose.

In preparation for the work to be carried out the first thing you need to do is clear the area of all furniture, rugs, floor lamps, paintings and curtains that are not fixed to the floor. It is then advisable to cover wall units, cupboards, fireplaces, bench tops, lighting and doors where ever possible to minimize the dust residue. While most professional floor sanders will use industrial strength vacuum cleaners it is impossible to eliminate 100% of the dust. So by covering as much as possible your work load will be reduced once the job is finished. If your original timbers floors have been covered over by carpet or vinyl once they have been taken up it will be necessary to remove any tacks, nails or staples before the sanding can take place.

It is always advisable to do your research. We all know someone who has a timber floor. It could be anything from lime washed or a more traditional colour, to Japan Black and anything from a satin to high gloss finish. Ask the advice and recommendations of anyone you know with a timber floor as well as the experts who are quoting for you. Before work begins on your floor be sure to have a clear idea of the length of time it will take before you can move the furniture back in and walk on it. It is advisable to put felt pads on the feet of your furniture to prevent scraping and always advisable to take shoes off before walking on your timbers floors to help maintain the finish. Whatever look you choose, a well maintained natural timber floor will always add style and elegance while enhancing the appeal and value of your home.

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