Time to replace your carpet?

Time to replace your carpet?
If your home has old carpets that will need replacing sooner rather than later, start doing some research into your replacement options. Whether you want to go with carpet once again or try something new, the following is a brief look at a few of the many options you have available.

Stylish, long lasting and easy to clean, hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options available. Best of all, most older houses were built with hardwood flooring so you may just need to remove whatever is covering yours and polish them up. The only downside of hardwood is that it requires regular care in order to keep it looking good.

While you might not want to tile your entire home, tiles can be a fantastic choice for some areas. Tiles are easy to clean, long lasting and are ideal for those living in hot climates. The downside of tiles is that they are cold, they don’t provide any real support for your body and because they are such a hard material they are rather unforgiving in terms of breakages.

Polished concrete
Widely regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options, polished concrete has become increasingly popular in recent years. This sleek, modern flooring is extremely easy to clean, will outlast any other type of flooring and provides a great way to establish a cohesive look and feel to your interior design. However, polished concrete can also be quite cold, it is extremely hard and provides little to no support for your body.

A great choice for those looking for warmth, carpet also offers a soft touch, plenty of support for your body and has impressive sound absorbing qualities, making it an extremely versatile option. Carpet is a particularly good choice for those who have small children, as it will provide plenty of padding for those inevitable falls. Unfortunately, carpet has a tendency to trap dirt, dust, hair and odours, and is notoriously difficult to clean thoroughly, which means you may need to replace your carpets more regularly than other flooring.

Bamboo grows extremely quickly, making it one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available. It provides a natural look to your interior design, is easy to clean and is extremely long lasting, but while it offers more support than some other types of flooring it is still a rather unforgiving surface.

Those looking for flooring with a little more support might want to consider cork, as it provides far more cushioning than most other types of flooring. Cork has a natural look, a stylish design and is extremely forgiving for those who tend to fall or drop things regularly. The downside of cork is that it is vulnerable to moisture damage and can be difficult to clean.

The perfect floors for you will depend upon your lifestyle, your health and the climate where you live. Be sure to do some research before making your decision and get your flooring right.

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