12 spring cleaning hacks that will forever change your life

12 spring cleaning hacks that will forever change your life
Spring is well and truly here, and there’s a lightness in the air.

More sun, the smell of jasmine and longer days. What’s not to love about this season?

Oh, that’s right. Spring cleaning.

Well, what if we told you that spring cleaning didn’t have to be a massive chore and that with a few simple hacks, you could drastically alter the way you clean? We’re not kidding.

Continue reading to discover 12 simple spring cleaning hacks that will change your life for the better.

A brief word about the benefits of spring cleaning

A tidy home could actually mean a tidy, calm and serene mind. Also, a neat and tidy home means that you hopefully won’t get any unwelcome guests. No, we don’t mean that annoying mate who always drops by unannounced. A neat and tidy home means less chance of developing an infestation of pests. Ugh. Yes, ants, cockroaches and mice all love food scraps and other debris. After all, pest prevention is always better than a cure. So in light of that, be proactive and engage in a little spring cleaning.

Cast iron pans?

Got built-up grime on your cast iron cookware? Using some coarse sea salt to scrub them with can work wonders.

Spider webs on those high corners?

Do you have spider webs or a buildup of dust on those high, hard-to-reach corners? Try wrapping a towel around a broom handle and wiping it away.

Dirty keyboard?

Your computer keyboard can be a perfect breeding ground for dust, dirt and debris. The solution? Use a cheap toothbrush or cotton tip to clean in between the keys and get it all out.

Door tracks?

The door tracks of your cupboards and sliding doors tend to get dirty, and also tend to get forgotten about. A handy way to clean them is with some plain old vinegar. You’ll be surprised at the result!

Cluttered drawers?

Are you running out of space in your drawers? Are there too many t-shirts to fit? One way to create some more space is to fold and stack them vertically, instead of horizontally.

Water spots?

Do you have unseemly water marks on your tables, door knobs and elsewhere? Instead of using that harsh cleaning spray, try the juice of a lemon. When you’re done, put the rest into a nice cool glass of water. After all, you’re building up a thirst.

Stubborn lint?

Lint is one of the most annoying things ever! It can be so hard to remove too. Try using a safety razor. Another way is to wrap sticky tape around your hand, with the sticky side facing out. Use your hand to dab at the fabric and pick up all that fluff.

The winter wardrobe?

Are all those jumpers, coats, scarfs and beanies taking up precious room in your cupboard? Not to mention the blankets and doonas. Invest in some vacuum bags and shrink them away until next winter.

DIY floor deodorizer

Sprinkle some cinnamon on the carpet and vacuum it up for a sweet smelling living room.

Stubborn stains on the bathroom mirror?

Use shaving cream and a cloth to remove them.

Tough oven stains?

Cleaning the oven can be a daunting task. Use some bi-carb of soda and a little bit of vinegar together to create an eco-friendly, tough-working oven cleaner.

Shake out the blankets

You’ll need a helping hand for this one. Each grab an end of the blanket and give it a good shake out. You’ll be amazed at all the dust that comes up!

There you have it. Hopefully these twelve hacks will make spring cleaning quicker, more efficient, eco-friendly and less stressful.

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