Bringing your home’s exterior back to new

Bringing your home’s exterior back to new
Sometimes we tend to neglect the maintenance of the exterior of our house.

We mow the lawns, weed the garden and trim the hedges but overlook the actual house itself. Your home’s exterior may not need a fresh coat of paint but just a good clean.

By enlisting the services of a professional house washing service you can make your home sparkle like new again.

Windows, eaves and gutters need regular cleaning. But what about the house itself and the hard surfaces such as pathways, terraces, decks, pool surrounds, retaining walls, fences and driveways. A professional house washing service will know where either high or low pressure cleaning is required. They will know the correct chemicals to use and the correct amounts. Most will use environmentally friendly products wherever possible.

A professional exterior house wash will remove dirt, mould, mould spores, mildew, lichen, moss, bird and bat droppings, as well as grease from your driveway and even graffiti. Your paving and pathways will not only look as good as the day they were laid but they will no longer be slippery and a safety risk. With the correct regular cleaning the life expectancy of the exterior paint work will be prolonged.

A professional house wash will be done in a matter of hours. Your house will look like new again, the entertaining areas be ready for use and your friends and neighbours will be impressed. And a perfect quick solution to getting your home ready for sale. Any professional exterior house cleaner will be happy to quote. You will find it money well spent without all the hard work for you.

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