How to clean your solar panels

How to clean your solar panels
If you have installed a solar power system in your home or workplace you have invested a considerable amount of money, so it’s important that your return on the investment is as large as possible.

Solar panels require regular cleaning to maximize their output. Pollution, leaves, dust, bird and bat droppings, tree sap and salt build up are just some of the things that can result in your solar system not operating at full potential. Having your solar panels cleaned regularly is essential in dry climates and periods of low rainfall.

While you could clean solar panels yourself, as solar panels are usually located on a rooftop we recommend calling in a specialist solar panel cleaner the job, you really need someone experienced in working at heights and moving around on roofs. You don’t want to have sparkling clean solar panels at the risk of injury to yourself or damage to your roof.

So who should you get to clean your solar panels? Some solar power system installation companies offer a cleaning service and are able to deal with any other solar panel maintenance issues you may have, if cleaning of your solar panels is all that is required, many windows cleaners are also provide solar panel cleaning services, getting your windows cleaned at the same time could prove more cost effective.

Ensure that whoever you use to clean your solar panels is insured.


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