5 practical ways to create a seamless flow between interior and exterior living

5 practical ways to create a seamless flow between interior and exterior living
Enjoying time outdoors is a wonderful thing. To have a house that has outdoor recreation areas means having space to play games in the backyard, host barbecues, and form many fond memories. One of the best parts about the outdoor sections of a house is the way they integrate with the inside of a house, and the more flexible and changeable the middle-ground is, the nicer the overall effect. Sometimes it can be hard to work out ways to make one’s outdoor area more indoor-friendly, but not to worry, we’ve created this straightforward list with some suggestions.

​​​​​​​Enclosed outdoors

Clear outdoor blinds can create an artificial outdoor environment where there was none before, and they can fold away to allow for a fresh breeze or an open-backyard, and set back up for rainy days or mosquito and fly-free dinners on the deck. The adjustability is key, as this means that there is no need to commit to any one kind of outdoor area, there are many choices available.

Sunroom goals Greenhouses are more for plants than people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have great design principles that can be used for your indoor/outdoor sunroom areas. A room with walls of glass connected from the house can be a wonderful thing in spring and autumn, when the weather is cold enough for blankets and cups of tea but warm enough for sunny days. In summer, it can convert into a rain proof clothes drying room, so it never misses a chance to be useful.

Practical patio

A patio is another great place to start when you’re looking for ways to create a flow between the indoors and the outdoors. Matching furniture types, colour schemes or designs is a good starting point for working out what creates a good overall feeling for your house, and what might not work as well. Try experimenting with different types of outdoor furniture to get the best possible effect, and before you know it you’ll forget where inside ends and outside begins.

Living room deck

Having a deck area out behind your living room opens up a world of hybrid room possibilities, with sliding glass doors or folding glass doors, which create a flowing effect from the living room out to the entertainment area. This is especially useful for hosting parties, where music can play from indoors and not disturb the conversation in the fresh air outdoors. Best of all, the living room deck area is fairly simple to set up, with only a minor tweak to the doors needed to allow for full opening.

Bungalow times

Finally, a bungalow can be a wonderful addition to a home that’s in need of outside “indoor” feeling. Many bungalows have sliding doors, and opening these up fully allows for people to shelter from the sun and the warmth indoors whilst still retaining the distance from the house. With eating areas and bathrooms, some bungalows are more like glamorous gazebos for your treasured guests. One important thing to remember, however, is that bungalows are often used as guests houses, so don’t miss out on that opportunity if you find yourself in possession of one.

The seamless indoor/outdoor hybrid room is a staple of Australian household design, and the perfect mixture between outdoor and indoor comforts is only a small amount of hard work away, but rest assured that the endless summer, spring, autumn and winter nights and days make it all well worth it.

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