Project Managing the building of your new home or renovation

Project Managing the building of your new home or renovation
Whether you are building a brand new home or renovating and extending an existing home it is well worth considering the services of a Project Manager, also referred to as a Construction Manager or Site Manager.

In some cases your Architect, Builder or Interior Designer will provide this service for you.

If your new home is being built by a Project Home Builder there will be a manager assigned to your job. Or may be considering project managing the job yourself, however it is a time consuming and specialised process and one which requires a considerable amount of knowledge about the building industry and the various trades that will be involved in the construction process.

A Project Manager will be involved in the co-ordination of the build from start to finish. Your Project manager will liaise with you, the client, on a regular basis reporting the progress of each stage and trade. He will oversee the work of each trade or sub-contractor to ensure the work is of a professional standard, that guidelines are met and that the work is running on time. He will co-ordinate the timing of each sub-contractors work so that the job runs to schedule and that any one sub-contractor is not hindered by the delays of another. If there are delays due to weather or hold ups with supplies, the Project Manager will then co-ordinate with the relevant trades to get the work back on track.

A Project Manager will also manage the budget and finances for you. He can make progress payments or full payments as required to each trade or supplier once he has established that the work being claimed for has been completed satisfactorily or that goods ordered have been delivered. He will also co-ordinate the delivery times of materials to site to ensure they arrive on time for the scheduled work or that they are not delivered to site too early and hinder access or cause possible risk of being damaged or stolen.

The Project Manager should also ensure the site is operated safely, adhering to safety guidelines at all times and that it is secure out of working hours. It is important that you feel comfortable with the Project Manager you choose for your job. There could be contentious issues at times with cost, delays and other matters, so it is vital to be able to trust, communicate and liaise with your chosen Project Manager.

Speak to a few candidates and ask for references and about their fees, before making a decision.

We all lead busy lives and if you are working full or even part time, by having a specialist project manage your job it will make the whole process of your build much more seamless, considerably less problematic, stressful and time consuming. Once the project has been completed you will be able to occupy your home, relax and enjoy your new surrounds knowing that all loose ends have been tidied up.

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Image source: Paradise Homes