New Home Construction - Exterior and Interior Colours Finished

New Home Construction - Exterior and Interior Colours Finished
Are you building a new home?

Colours are key when crafting a personalized home. To make an impression that lasts, customization is important. Contrast options for roofing are varied and offer eye-catching appeal. Consider your options – Colorbond steel roofing or roof tiles?

Selecting The Perfect Brick for your Exterior:

When selecting the perfect brick for your exterior, don't be too quick to settle; there is something unique out there for you. Consider paying a visit to a display centre such as Austral Bricks where you can view full walls of bricks finished with different coloured mortar allowing you to envisage what your home would look like using your chosen brick.

Different finishes can give textural appeal:

Shaping the final look of your dream home by adding impact. Render provides a wide range of textural finish options, combined with brickwork that ensure stand-out curb side design.

Windows and Doors:

Windows and doors accentuate entry points with style and functionality, complementing each individual space both indoors and outdoors with creativity.

Interior Paint:

For interior paint, choose colours wisely so they blend harmoniously with your floors, cabinetry and furnishings, adding elegance to your living spaces like no other detail can. And floors should not be overlooked; quality tiles, plush carpet or timber floors complete every room ensuring practicality combined with attractive character.

Special Considerations:

Special consideration should be given to materials used in distance areas such as fencing, retaining walls and paving, tying together all elements of construction and your overall colour scheme into one cohesive whole making your home stand out from its surroundings.

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