Digitally printed glass splashbacks – top 2018 trend for kitchen renovators

Digitally printed glass splashbacks – top 2018 trend for kitchen renovators
What are digitally printed glass splashbacks?

Digitally printed glass splashbacks are splashbacks with a custom digital image printed on them. This could be any photo, a piece of art, a pattern, or something else. If you can print it, it can become your new kitchen or bathroom splashback.

Printed splashbacks are one of the most exciting trends for kitchen renovators and homeowners right now. It’s an opportunity to personalise the look of your space and create something that’s totally unique to your style, your experiences, and your passions.

We’re only just starting to see this trend appear in kitchens around Australia – it seems to be more prevalent overseas (particularly in UK). But we expect to see a lot more of it in the future, especially as Australian splashback providers start offering it as a core service.

Why they’re a growing trend in 2018

Like other types of glass splashbacks, digitally printed ones are low maintenance and easy to keep clean. But they take things to another level because:

  • The glass makes the image look extremely vibrant and lifelike
  • You can really make a statement about who you are (or what sort of home you’ve created)
  • You can choose an image that’s the perfect fit for your space and colour palette (you’re not limited to single block colours)
  • You can use your own image that’s meaningful and personal to you
  • You can bring the outside in with local nature-inspired photos and designs
  • The process

    Step 1: Choose your picture

    If you want to order a digitally printed glass splashback, you need to start by selecting your photo or image. This image must be high resolution because it’ll be printed on a large scale and will likely need some resizing to fit the space.

    Think about what kind of image will work in your space long-term. Unlike a picture frame, you can’t just swap your glass splashbacks in and out as you please! Good places to find pictures could be on high quality stock image websites, or you might use a favourite photo you’ve taken yourself. Or you might engage a local photographer or artist to take an amazing shot or create a special artwork just for you.

    Step 2: Choose a local glass splashback specialist

    Not everyone in your local area will offer this service, so you might need to ask around. Other names to mention when you’re looking for digitally printed glass splashbacks include:

    • Photo splashbacks

    • Printed glass splashbacks

    • Custom printed glass splashbacks

    • Graphic glass splashbacks

    Looking for a Perth contractor to do your digitally printed glass splashbacks? That’s us! Take a look at our info on glass splashbacks or call us for a chat on (08) 6555 8370.

    Step 3: Measurement

    After you book in, you’ll need your space measured up. We always do a free measure and quote in our clients’ homes, where we create a template so we know the exact dimensions you need for your glass splashbacks. That way, each piece we order in and cut to size is the perfect fit.

    Step 4: Production

    You give us a digital copy of your chosen photo or artwork for your digitally printed glass splashbacks. Then we source and high quality 6mm toughened glass from our trusted suppliers. Finally, we arrange printing to the appropriate scale onto your glass splashback. 

    Step 5: Installation

    At the installation, we make sure everything fits perfectly (and it usually does, thanks to

    our template). Then we clean up our mess and leave you to admire your brand new printed glass splashbacks.


    Popular ideas for custom printed glass splashbacks


    You can get as creative as you like here (as long as you don’t mind your visitors judging your taste!), but here are a few popular ideas to help you start thinking about what your glass splashback might have printed on it…

    • Cityscapes – perfect for a city apartment with a gorgeous view outside… bring the view inside too!
    • Beaches – nothing says holiday home (or surfer den) like a beautiful big picture of your local beach running along the back of your kitchen benchtops
    • Your local stadium – yes, this has been done by dedicated football fans… football teams, badges, and all
    • Outback – we reckon Uluru with its burnt red tones would make an incredible splashback feature
    • Macro photography – show your artsy side with a close up of a bee or a flower
    • Food – after all, it is a kitchen… so why not feature a picture of your favourite food or beverage?
    • Cool patterns – if you’re not into putting a photo on your kitchen wall, but you want something a little more interesting than a single colour glass splashback, this one’s for you
    • Abstract art – add a vibrant splash of colour to inspire you in your kitchen as you cook and create


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