Top 10 Scandinavian Lighting Ideas for a Dining Area

Top 10 Scandinavian Lighting Ideas for a Dining Area
The quintessential Scandinavian Lighting design ethos is where function and beauty meld without either element being sacrificed for the other. Scandinavian Lighting style represents clean lines and minimal, uncluttered spaces which retain a sense of warmth by using natural materials and a subdued colour palette. Incorporating these key features into your dining area through pendant lights allows you to create an open and welcoming space, a place you want to spend time with family and friends.

Scandinavian Lighting style is heavily influenced by nature - timber and stone feature strongly along with calm natural hues. A kitchen and dining area will often incorporate these elements which allows this design style to work so well here. A combination of textures, materials, and shapes blend with a sense of purpose in a simple and elegant way.

Kitchen and dining room lighting ideally involves the layering of different lighting fixtures. Task lighting leans heavily on the functional element, so a strategic combination of suspension lights, ceiling lights and wall lights can be used for this purpose.

Beyond this, lighting should be about the ambience, and this is where Scandinavian design shines. By embodying both function and style in one feature, it is easy to achieve both the required illumination and create the mood you want. Choosing your lights should involve a mix of both practicality and personal preference. Ambient lighting is designed to create a warm and welcoming mood in your kitchen.

We have selected ten of our favourite pendant lights which we believe embody the classic characteristics of Scandinavian Lighting design.

Scandinavian Lighting Idea 1: Acorn Pendant Light

Firstly, the Acorn Pendant Light epitomises Scandi style with its simple curved form and timber accents which bring an element of nature inside. Ideal for a minimal modern home, this versatile pendant will sit just as happily above a dining table as above a kitchen bench.

2: Sedge Pendant Light

Secondly, an extremely elegant fixture, the Sedge Pendant Light incorporates a sleek, expertly crafted, spun brass shade, finished by hand with understated brass industrial-inspired fixing details and a single central opal globe. This simple disk of brass with a beautiful opal globe allows the materials to feature while retaining the simple silhouette characterised by Scandinavian design.

3: Geo Pendant Light

For a warm diffused glow in your kitchen or dining room, the opal glass of the Geo Pendant Light is ideal. Contemporary in its form, it features a geometric shape that has been streamlined by its smooth understated curves to counteract its angularity. Use as a cluster over your dining area for a simple yet striking centrepiece that radiates a welcoming illumination.

4: Blush 3lt Rail Pendant Light

Blush 3lt Rail Pendant was designed to transform the lighting in your home from just one system. Created by Norwegian duo Morten & Jonas, its striking look spreads a pool of warm light over a dining table or kitchen island, as well as bringing a welcoming ambience to your kitchen space. Made from powder-coated steel tubes, the Blush Rail pendant lamp is integrated with a set of small opal acrylic diffusers which emit the subtle illumination.

5: Unika Large Pendant Light

The Unika Large Pendant Light is a handmade glass lampshade that hangs from a twisted fabric wire. The quality and craftsmanship of the mouth-blown glass are clear to see, and the brass accents add an element of sophistication to this beautiful pendant. This fixture works well as an individual light or in an arrangement, capitalising on the simple form and smooth curves.

6: Reveal Pendant Light

Reveal Pendant Light epitomises clever Scandinavian design. Formed by a hollow sphere with smooth curves and unembellished surfaces, the shade is held in place by the LED light tube inside it, which is poised in a vertical position to hold it securely overhead. The interior of shade is unique as the molten glass has been transformed into perfect spheres by master craftsmen.A pendant in which function and aesthetic work harmoniously.

7: Reveal Pendant Light

Circle Pendant Light is an eye-catching light fixture that uses simplistic lines to create its signature round shape. One light can be individually installed to create a focal point or be arranged with several others to create unique combinations above a kitchen bench or dining table.

 8. Solar Pendant Light

Another pendant which incorporates the natural timber element so often a feature of Scandinavian design, is the Solar Pendant Light. This modern and minimalist pendant has its own unique aesthetic with the shallow black shade stemming from the long timber cylinder. A simple silhouette that doesn’t overpower and provides a subtle ambient light for any setting.

9. Parlour Lite Curve Pendant Light

Parlour Lite Curve Pendant Light is a sleek and contemporary suspension light with a simple curved opal white glass shade that fits seamlessly into the minimal Scandinavian aesthetic. The boldness in its form is balanced by the preciseness of its finish.

10. Dokka Pendant Light

The iconic Dokka Pendant Light was originally designed in 1954, then relaunched in 2007, preserving its smooth contours, precise proportions, sleek design but added modern craftsmanship to enable durability. Available in a range of natural and subdued hues, its diminutive size allows multiple lights to be used in a compact and subtle cluster.

In conclusion, Scandinavian lighting design has a versatile and timeless style where function appears effortless, and feelings of warmth radiate from each interior space. Embody these characteristics in your suspension light for your kitchen and dining area to create the ultimate welcome.

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