Setting up a home gym

Setting up a home gym
There are many elements to setting up a gym in your own home.

If you have ever thought about a home gym you’ve probably weighed up the cost against the benefit of having your own space and equipment. But you don’t have to go all-out to create the perfect home gym, and with the money that you save on membership fees, it doesn’t have to hurt your bank balance either.

The space

Home gyms are usually in small spaces like the spare bedroom or garage. This should make you think about which pieces of equipment you will really need, and really use. Create a space which will inspire you to work out. Close the door to eliminate distractions and stickybeaking family members. Good, natural lighting is ideal. The sun makes you feel great and wakes you up in the morning. If natural light isn’t possible light your space with globes which mimic the colour and feeling of sunlight. This is important when it comes to seeing clearly, as well. You’ll need a well-lit full-length mirror to keep an eye on your posture. Protecting the floor in your gym shouldn’t cost you too much, and it’s a worthwhile investment. Using a mat for your workouts will help protect your body as well. Many people love working out to music, while others prefer watching TV. It’s your very own gym so introduce whichever you prefer! Another great idea is to create an inspirational collage of quotes, pictures, and goals to look at while you exercise.

Essential equipment

A skipping rope is a fantastic tool which hardly costs anything and provides a full-body workout. Dumbbells are also a must-have. Only buy the weights you need to start with and add to your collection as you progress. It feels rewarding to buy new things, even if it is exercise equipment! You can use them for cardio as well, making them a truly versatile tool. If you want to lift, you will need a power rack, and possibly a bench. It is important that these pieces of equipment are sturdy and reliable. If you don’t have a spotter it’s even more important that you invest in quality pieces which are safe.

If cardio is more your thing, you will likely benefit from a bike or a treadmill. With both of these options, look for items which most closely resemble the type you would find in a gym. There are many flimsy products on the market which do not provide the same functionality and quality as their professional-grade counterparts. If you don’t know which one you prefer it’s worthwhile going to a gym and trying them out, as well as considering which will benefit your exercise plan the most.

How much to spend

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with excitement and want to buy every piece of gym equipment you see. But your budget may have you crashing back to Earth. Buying quality gym equipment is essential, so you should choose your pieces wisely. It’s no use buying something cheap and then having to replace it anyway when it breaks or doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Aim to invest in well-made equipment, one or two pieces at a time. Reward yourself for hard work by gradually adding to your gym. Your safety is the most important thing! The most beneficial step you can take for your budget is planning out exactly what you need to fulfil your fitness goals.

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