Making the most of your pool area

Making the most of your pool area
Swimming pools are often the focal points of modern landscape designs. However the areas around them are often overlooked and neglected when it comes to maximising the potential of our backyards.

Furniture is the key element of a great pool area. The outdoor furniture you choose should be comfortable and relaxed, ideal for lazy summer afternoons or watching the kids play. It is important to consider functionality, as your furniture will often be exposed to water and sunshine. Modern outdoor furniture options have improved significantly in recent years, with more high-quality durable and weather-resistant products available.

Remember to keep in mind how you intend to use your pool area. Sun lounges are great options for relaxing by the side of the pool, while larger outdoor lounge settings offer more opportunity for entertaining and socialising. Outdoor tables or dining settings are usually impractical or unsafe around pools and are best kept for other parts of your backyard.

When designing a pool area, it is important to consider safety. Pools are the most dangerous part of a backyard, so care should be taken in ensuring that access is childproof and that pool fencing regulations are strictly adhered to.

The ground treatment of the pool area is also important for safety. Special non-slip tile products are increasingly popular in pool areas. Synthetic turf, when properly drained, can also offer a safer alternative to hard tiles or pavers. 

When selecting the ground treatment of your pool area, make sure it is suitable to the colour of your pool and to the nature of the rest of the garden. Sandstone pavers for example can create a striking contrast to a deep-blue coloured pool, cementing the pool’s position as the focal point of the landscape design. 

Your colour selections and furniture styles will shape the look and feel of your garden, so it is important to consider whether you are after a tropical resort-style theme, or a more contemporary and modern palette. Remember to take cues from the style of your house to help you determine the right style for your pool area and overall landscape design. 

Under the harsh Australian sun, many homeowners are now seeking better shade options for pool areas in order to increase the usability of the space and improve sun safety. Shade sails are a popular option, as they are simple and lightweight, and are able to cover large areas. Large umbrellas and retractable awnings, although they can’t cover large areas like shade sails, are more flexible and allow you to alter the shelter depending on weather conditions.

Whether for night-time entertaining or simply creating a stunning landscape feature after dark, lighting is an important part of a pool area. Low garden lights are perfect for creating a relaxed mood and showcasing surrounding planting, while high-set lights ensure safety and practicality for night-time swimming and entertaining. Solar-powered and LED lights are great for gardens, as they are highly energy-efficient. 

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