The Elegance of Glass Pool Fencing

The Elegance of Glass Pool Fencing
When it comes to pool fencing there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than glass. A glass pool fence provides an uninterrupted view not only of the pool itself but of the garden, landscaping or view surrounding the pool.

Whether you are installing a new pool and fence or replacing an existing fence, glass will create a feeling of space while adding a safety factor by providing a much clearer view of the pool and its occupants. Pools are very much part of the Australian way of life and if we are lucky enough to have one of our own we want it to look as good as possible. Regardless of the type and age of your home a glass pool fence will add seamless elegance to your outdoors and will suit any type of landscaping whether it be contemporary or traditional.

Glass pool fencing comes in framed, semi framed and frameless options. Depending on the company you choose, some will offer all three types but most these days semi frameless and frameless. The fencing can be installed in timber decking, concrete and tiles, or into the ground with concrete pads. Be sure you get a few quotes and make sure the companies quoting for you meet the current Australian Standards not just for the glass but also the type of hardware used to support the glass including latches. A standard height for pool fencing is 1200mm but you should always check with your local council pool certifier before installation to guarantee you are meeting the correct safety rules and standards. If you are replacing an existing pool fence we recommend you check the regulations as National standards have changed in recent years and are now much stricter.

Glass pool fencing it not hard to clean. Just warm water and a little washing up liquid applied with a sponge or soft brush and a rinse off with the hose should do the trick. Glass will transform your pool and entertaining area and will add value to your property.

You can find a Glass Pool fencing specialist near you using the Homeimprovement2day directory.