Breathing new life into old furniture

Breathing new life into old furniture
A professional Upholsterer will restore your furniture as well as re-upholster it in your choice of a wide range of suitable fabrics, leather or vinyl. Where necessary they will repair or replace springs, padding,  cushioning and timber finishes.  They can guide you with the right type of covering for the particular use of your furniture, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor, high use or a display piece.

Many upholsters will custom build furniture for you. If you have an idea of what you would like or a photo from a catalogue or magazine of something you love but just can’t find it, an upholsterer could replicate your idea or picture and produce a beautiful bespoke piece as close as possible to your requirements and budget. It may only be one arm chair that will be transformed into a talking piece. It maybe that you want your dining chairs, new or old, to compliment your drapes or rug. It may be that you love your existing lounge suite but it just looks tired. By re-upholstering furniture you can completely change the look of old to new, conservative to contemporary, dark & heavy to light. You may be the custodian of a family heirloom and are unable to change the existing upholstery so you could have loose slip covers made to suit your décor.

New upholstery can transform the look of lounge chairs, dining chairs, Kitchen bar and piano stools, sofas and sofa beds, day beds or window seats, antiques and modular units, in fact just about furniture.  But upholstery doesn’t start and stop with just furniture. What about a beautiful padded bed head to add sophistication and romance to your bedroom? Upholstered walls and panels are on trend right now.  A fabric upholstered wall will add a unique texture and tone to a room bringing a real wow factor with it and makes an interesting alternative to wallpaper.

Not only will upholstery create something unique for you, you will be amazed at how different the result will be. It will give you a certain sense of satisfaction that you perhaps won’t get by just going out and buying from a furniture store.

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